Painting and will you be my Valentine!?

Hey everyone!!!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

I wanted to share the progress made on my paintings as promised.


Here is a collage showing it!

As seen the title is Textured One!

I titled it that because I believe that everyone is a bit textured.

Some just do not talk about what goes on in their life but everyone has different things to deal with in life.

You never do know what another may be dealing with.

You never know if a person may have an expression of frustration, etc. due to a situation they have had to deal with.

Many assume how another feels is their fault, etc..

I know I have but I have learned that many situations may have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with me.

That is very obvious to me when someone is acting in a show, etc.. That is why it’s called acting but not everyone grew up around that either.

I hope that others read this and figure that out as some looks, treatments, etc. can cause great pain if the meaning behind them is unknown.

I spoke with a visual art friend recently which reminded me of my love of painting!

Not that I do not love theatre or coaches, etc. too! I will always be touched by memories that have helped me smile and see the beauty of the world we share.

Honestly after watching the Grammy’s I was absolutely filled with so much love and respect no words can fully express it all.

Once a theatre nerd, always a theatre nerd. I absolutely love my art family!

All forms of art help in some way though.

Thinking of Valentine’s Day…..

Most girls would absolutely LOVE flowers,diamonds or chocolates but honestly although I love those things I’d rather get anything art related or a purchase of one of my works.

Valentine’s Day made me think of many exs too though.

Especially after watching Made In Heaven yet again. I love that movie!

Although I really wouldn’t wish to be more then friends with any of my exs, I’d be friends with many of them.

I am grateful for the lessons learned from them. To be honest, that can be rather hard in some cases. It is truly is not somewhere I’d be willing to go in others.

The main people that I am hugely grateful for are those who have helped me see the good things in life. Those are the people who I would want to be my Valentine.

I have to admit that I’ve often wondered about the term “will you be my valentine”.

When we are kids it is often thought of as ok to go around giving everyone valentine’s. Yet, adults are judged for doing that? Why? Isn’t caring about others a good thing or is it just a good thing in my eyes? Aren’t we meant to care about others? Why does caring always have to do with sex in some eyes? I simply do not get that. Leave me a message and let me know your thoughts on the subject!

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I really did not realise that my morning greetings touched others until a theatre friend commented telling me so.

You know who you are. :) Thank you!

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I can also keep in touch with you other places, so no worries my friends. :)

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Have a wonderful week people!!!


Angela Taylor