We can together!

Hey people! 
I hope that you're having a great Monday and have a wonderful week. 
I have something to share with you all.
COOl AZUL it's a young living pain relief cream that I had to share.


If you haven't tried this yet please do!

I speak from personal experience this cream works wonders!
It's good for cuts, bruises, etc. 

I highly recommend young living and would absolutely work to help them.
I know so many young living fans that I can't simply name them all.

That being so, please know that you all absolutely rock to me and are hugely inspirational!

I made this recording to share as well.

Although my intention is not to offend anyone the truth is, you just can’t please everyone and if you want to please everyone business may not be best for you at the moment.

I will not say ever because in truth people change, things around them change, etc.

I do not believe in saying you can and you will. Yet saying that business is not for you.

You can do anything you set your mind on and you will!

Although, I have done many recordings before, I am not wonderful at it and still get nervous.

I don’t understand all things and I am not going to say that I do.

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Most importantly be kind and have a wonderful week people!!!


Angela Taylor


Please go to their site and give to them to help

end discrimination in Georgia!

This post is dedicated to Marie Forleo, her team and the many motivational speakers, etc. who reminded me to look inside again and believe in the power we all hold inside. I love you guys! Thank you for the inspiration and constant support.