Tony Awards 2019!

Hey people!

I hope that you’re having a wonderful Monday!

I’m not sure how many of you watched the Tony Awards last night with James Corden hosting but it was great!

I was EXTREMELY happy and proud of those there!

Standing up for what is right in that way is absolutely wonderful!!!

Technology issues can’t stop me from saying you were awesome!

I smiled, laughed, etc. many times!

Loved the bathroom scene but I’m glad that I wasn’t there in person.

6-9-19 Morning (2).jpg

I would have been going around giving everyone hugs. Oh wait!, they probably wouldn’t mind that.

Oh well, guess I have to move to NY. :)

You missed out if you didn’t watch the Tonys but I suppose that depends on how you look at things.

Moving on, I have a few things as usual to share with you all.

The first is a reminder of how we can all be awesome just by being who we are! :)

This is a digital work that I made showing one of my works for bi rights in the background!

Please contact me if interested in purchasing and know that you’ll be helping to update my studio and support all of the issues I stand up for in my art from time to time. :)

Savannah Childrens Theatre gala in 2008    Angela Taylor  Vinette Trivitayakhun

Savannah Childrens Theatre gala in 2008

Angela Taylor

Vinette Trivitayakhun

If you have been following me, you probably know that I’ve been sharing photos taken from past events for my 40th birthday!

This time I decided on a photo taken with a friend of mine from theatre in 2008!

I have not forgotten all of the wonderful things I learned recently.

I consider them huge blessings but I also feel if you concentrate too much on the things that need to be fixed in life, you tend to forget the joy.

I try not to talk about political issues as often as some due to that fact. I admit that does not always work as I do feel very passionately about many things. Still, only concentrating on the bad things today tends to make me sick. When I am sick, I can do nothing and spread no happiness, etc.

Like a animal boxed up misses freedom and life,I truly miss my theatre family. I truly miss the joy in life, not watching it on tv. or seeing photos of it but being there in life…living it!

6-8-19 Night.jpg

In my opinion, there cannot be light without darkness because everyone has a bit of both in them.

I figure, why not just be who I am and be proud of it? I am no saint and can’t be perfect nomatter how much I try. Why not take one small step at a time to make my dreams a reality. To live!

Why wait for one person to make YOUR dreams a reality?!?

You see that one person every day when you look in the mirror.

You and your wonderful bad ass self can do it!

Dare to dream the impossible dream and like those in theatre show the world that impossible things are happening everyday!

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Moving on, I’m still trying out for art contests!

If you know of any that I could enter please let me know. I truly would appreciate it.

I do need more support and a team, more supplies which all costs money.

Contests can be based on:

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    Any form of art contest is one that I would be hugely interested in seeing!

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