Happy Monday everyone!

Time really has gone by so fast.

Title: Bibi Hate  Size: 8” X 10”

Title: Bibi Hate

Size: 8” X 10”

I have a few things to share with you this week!

The first thing that I have to share is a collage I made showing the making of one of my works.

The last photo in it shows how I turn most of my works into nightly greetings!

That can be found on my other pages!

More to come so keep your eyes open.

Animal Puzzle Collage (3).jpg

Next I have a puzzle to share!!! As you see I have added the word Magnificent to it.

I also added a paw to it because I believe animals will help us find the way to live a magnificent life.

Last but not least I wanted to share the progress I have made on a work with you!


I still have not glued these down, etc. but one step at a time.

I added you are perfect in it because to me everyone is perfect, just the way they are.

Contact if you have any questions about purchases!

To any new lives out there. May you always know you are welcome.  Congratulations to family and friends.<3

To any new lives out there. May you always know you are welcome.

Congratulations to family and friends.<3

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Moving on, I’m still trying out for art contests!

If you know of any that I could enter please let me know. Even better if you know of any positions in NY that I could try out for or keep in mind to try out for later.

I truly would appreciate it.

I absolutely love standing up for what I do in my art from time to time but we all know that all costs money. Art supplies simply are not free. I am not a politician or someone in the Church so I am not paid.

If you would like to help me so that I can continue to let others know that they can, please purchase one of my works today.

I am thinking about creating a page to fundraise as standing up for all of the issues that I do in my art is very important right now. What are YOUR thoughts?

Moving on, I’m still wanting to go to NY.

I simply am not sure of when or how that will happen but I believe it’s worth a shot.

If I don’t make it there right away, nobody can say that I didn’t try.

Contests can be based on:

  1. painting

  2. poems

  3. short stories

  4. Jewellery

  5. Digital works

  6. Theatre

    Any form of art contest is one that I would be hugely interested in seeing!

Questions or comments about this post or my art?

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Most importantly be kind!