There's nowhere to go but up!

Hey everyone.

I hope you’re having a great Monday and had a wonderful weekend. It truly went by so fast!

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I have a couple things to share with you in this post!

The first was inspired by Rob Marshall’s 2018 Mary Poppins!

I saw it for the first time and was hugely touched. This musical will no doubt touch a whole new generation as the first version touched my heart when I was a child.

It also supports the visual arts and I have to admit that I absolutely loved that!

Anyone who has EVER had to hear negative remarks regarding visual art must see this movie!

This shows the beauty of visual art!

It was very well done and I hugely recommend seeing it if you haven’t yet!

This artwork is dedicated to Angela Lansbury and Dick Van Dyke for showing the world what is possible.

Their ages are simply amazing but also being in this show is a statement to me because they were both in the first version as well.

Not to mention that Angela Lansbury is FEMALE! This world needs more strong, amazing females who have stood up in a world that often discriminates against us.

This is a thank you! I truly needed to hear that message as I’m sure others did.


As many of you may know, I have been in a sketching mood!

My latest sketch was of my friend Christa!

Christa is a vegan chef and the author of

The Artistic Vegan Cookbook!

You can read more about her and follow her recipes by going to:

I promise you will not be sorry!

I am trying to decide if I’ll leave this as is, sketch it again on sketch paper or make a painting out of it. What do you think? Don’t be shy!

Let me know either publicly or privately.

I appreciate any interest and help.

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I am a simple visual artist and not a chef, preacher, or coach, etc.

I am also not by any means a medical professional and no longer do theatre.

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Most importantly be kind and until next time keep smiling people!!!


Angela Taylor