Paved Peace Studio!


Hello everyone!

I hope that you’re having a wonderful Monday and had a great weekend!

I wanted to share some photos from my past with you and share what I’ve been working on!

The first is a picture from when I was in a market in 2012!

As seen here, I have my painting in bi-colours to create bi-sexual awareness!


I recently fixed this painting as it got damaged after having been with me in many markets.

I used this painting titled “Paved Peace” to create a digital work thanking anyone who has ever been kind and supportive of my art or the arts in anyway!
”Paved Peace” is a 36" x 48" handmade canvas inspired by Cyndi Lauper singing about our true colours! 😁

If you look closely you will see I used the small pieces of wood that came with my stretchers in it.

I made them different colours.


When I make a new handmade canvas, I intend on sharing the process with you for those who it may help.

Be proud of who you are people! 
Wear your true colours with pride! 


I also wanted to share what I have been up to with you all!

As many of you most likely know I have been working on updating my studio!

I'm still working on my studio and made this to show it to you!
As seen, I have Ellen DeGeneres things everywhere!! 😁 
The cute little gorilla was sent from

The Ellen Fund!

Ellen DeGeneres's working with the amazing Portia De Rossi to save gorillas! 
Is that not awesome!?
To donate and help them learn more at:

I'm working on my table and will be posting more of it in the future! 
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Please note if you follow me I do post photos of my food, and digital greetings from time to time.

I do want people to know that I am just a visual artist and not a photographer, chef, preacher, or coach, etc.

I am also not by any means a medical professional and no longer do theatre.

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Most importantly be kind and until next time keep smiling people!!!


Angela Taylor