Motivational post and The Oscars

Hey everyone.

Can you believe that February is almost over!?

I can’t. Time really goes by so fast it just amazes me.

Thank you to those who are interested in my posts. Your support really means alot.

I have a few things to share this week.

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I post motivational images every morning and night.

They not only help motivate me but I hope help motivate others to have a great day and sleep better.

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I just began adding some information about my art on them however because I really don’t want to confuse people and make them think that I’m not a visual artist.

I’ll share a couple so that you can see!

Here is a recording I made of about the first one!

Please listen and enjoy!

I haven’t done a recording in awhile and sound a bit odd there but I did it! It’s actually kinda fun!!!

I can’t help wondering if I’d have the same reaction on a stage or on tv.

They both make me nervous but I haven’t done them in ages.

I want to make videos of me painting to share again. I did that years ago but technology has changed and some things are easier to do with the emotional support of others.

Who knows what the future holds though. I was reminded of that when watching the Oscars! Congratulations to all winners and really everyone. :) Love to you all!

If you follow me, you probably have seen that I have made recordings in the past.

I’m learning to be ok with being seen more, etc. as you have to be if you wish to make a living from your art.

I have loads of pictures from my being at or in musicals, how could my being in public be hard at all?

Well…most of the musical events, etc. I went to in the past were to support my father and theatre friends. Even ones I was in were to support them and spend time with my father.

Those that were simply visual art events were often put on in order to impress my family as I wanted to make family proud.

Most of those in theatre never were buddy buddy with me. They helped me and showed me kindness now or some did. Some were rather close to me or seemed to be for awhile there but broke my heart due to certain situations.

I was reminded that they were, ARE actors and actors don’t always want to be friends on a personal level. Those that do and capture your heart may forget what they know about the real you. When that happens people change, etc

We are all art family but in all honesty we do not all know eachother on a personal level.

I had to learn not to take that personally will people I had grown up with in theatre though. I had to remember that I truly am blessed to have my memories of the arts and art family everywhere.

Everyone in the arts has family everywhere! That is just a reality but in reality they can change their minds as well.

That being so, I had to learn to love myself in order to protect my heart. I will always be there for myself and I will always have my art family as well. I’m just ready for anything now as everyone should be.

I’m not about to let my heart get ice cold and forget that there are those in the arts all over who care! I’m also not about to compete with anyone to see who can help the most, etc.If someone wants that, I highly suggest they find a fan who is interested in competition because that would not be me.

Life to me is no competition.

I love the arts though, so will always support it and absolutely love the visual arts!


Speaking of visual art, I have been a huge supporter of the National Museum of Women in the arts for years and created this digital image for one of my posts! I hope that you like it.

I love both the arts and education so reading is a must.

I admit that I went for awhile in my 20s not being able to read. My having been a book nerd that was extremely hard.

It took alot of hard work, I relearned it though.

I hardly know everything but I do know art helped me along the way. Sharing my story constantly just doesn’t help me to move on and experience life. That is why I just have a page up telling my story and leave it at that now.

My reaction to it may be because I’ve gone over it so many times, I am not sure there but do have my suspicions. It did help me once but times change, people change and grow. That’s life and life is beautiful. I am sure that I want to experience life while I can and I hope that everyone takes advantage of life so they will experience it to the best of their ability.

You can read more about my past if you like on my meet Angela page.

Like everyone, I consider myself now to be much more then my past. My past got me here though and for that I am thankful for it.

I am thankful for both the good and bad because without them I would not be who I am today.

A motivational speaker Simon Sinek posted something about Shrek, which made me want to listen to the musical.

I love that music so it made me smile.

<3 Thanks I needed that!! <3

Find what makes YOU smile people and follow that.

Musicals and art make me smile but what makes YOU smile?

I hope that those who strive to make this world a better place see what our beautiful art family is standing up for as well and smile.

Do not let your heart be blue and turn to ice due to the past.

At the Oscars it was said that in times like these we are stronger when we fight together. I believe that to be true.

They also said that it is not about winning.

I truly hope those who see art as only something to compete with realise that people can stand up with art and do so in love not competition.


I am so proud to be a part of the art world because many of the issues struggled with in history are sadly just as relevant today in many areas and need our voices.

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Most importantly be kind and have a wonderful week people!!!


Angela Taylor