Let The Past Go and live!

Hey peoples!


I hope that you had a wonderful weekend and have a great week!

I wanted to share a collage that I made of my studio update to show what I have so far!!!!

 I'm super excited. I still need to do some updates. The flower isn't finished but hey look at how far I've come.

I will not name anyone but send my love to those who have mentioned flowers and the meaning behind them. You all truly warm my heart.   I'm very proud that I have done this much on my own! After some wouldn't help too.

 I'm thinking red curtains to bring out the red in my doors. What are your thoughts? Please leave a message and let me know!

I also have some great news! My Crystal Tears Tigers eye Gemstone Carved worry Stone arrived!


Those who follow me know how much I LOVE stones! I just don't have loads because it used to make me feel bad to get anything for myself. I didn't know that like everyone, I am worthy. Now I do though and feel no guilt in treating myself once in a while. When we take care of ourselves we can give more and when we give more the world knows it's worth too!

Love wins!



I hope that this helps you learn to love yourself without carrying the shame others put on you for doing so. You have the power to let that shame go, in doing so know you have helped others see that they can too! Let that shame go, find your inner light but stay humble. 


I want to make it clear that I am not a coach, preacher, health specialist, etc. I do not wish to confuse anyone. I can not offer the proper help needed if any of those issues are what you seek help with. 


 I love standing up for things in my art though but only do so when I feel called. It's kind of like some works from my past. I made a collage of some to share with you all!!! All of them create awareness of a different issue, which I have no doubt whatsoever can help this world. 

I am however not a professional in any of these areas! 

Most of them were made in memory of someone or dedicated to someone. 

The earth was added later to show swimming through pain or loss but it was originally a sketch made from a theatre scene. 

In the scene it showed someone caged and that is exactly how I felt at the time. I felt caged and honestly still do at times. What helps me to get through those times is often helping another.

There are many ways to help another, working in the health field is just more obvious to some.   

I believe I was meant to create these works as those who inspired them were meant to inspire them. In my eyes, together we have helped the world and I am astounded by that fact. 

That has helped make me the person that I am today and I truly find that very beautiful. 

Standing up for health issues, preaching, politics, etc. regularly are not what calls to me though. 

You've got to think clearly on a daily basis in order to do those things and if I dwell on only health issues, I will not think clearly and not be a help to anyone. 

That may change one day, who knows. I embrace it though, why should I hide?

Can anyone think when in certain situations, after bad news,etc.?

No they can't it bothers the health of every living soul when they are under such stress.

Why be ashamed of that fact? Well, I'm not!

I think some are, I will name no names but you know who you are.

Noone can hide that standing up for so many things is often a way to hide from yourself. 

Don't be scared of yourselves people. You deserve and are worthy of love too. You've got this!

The world needs art though!

That being so, if you do not follow me yet, I would absolutely love your support!

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Have a wonderful week!!!