Holiday Studio Flowers

Hey people!


I hope that you had a great weekend!

I can’t believe the time goes by so fast! I say that in almost every post but it’s just as true now as is ever is. :)

I made a collage showing my studio.

Those who have been following me probably already know how I’ve been working on it.

I was going to make a short video of it to share but decided on making a collage instead.

I’m thinking of adding to it a bit to make the flowers lighter but am still making up my mind.

While deciding, I am working on more of my studio!!!

What do you all think? I would love to know please leave me a comment or private message me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. :)

This is a digital work that I created in memory of a theatre friend and dedicated to Martha Marshall. 
In 2008 I made many works as a thank you and dedicated them to theatre friends.


Martha Marshall, a visual arts friend of mine, was kind enough to keep an eye on them while they were featured in Florida.
I am very grateful for that opportunity and I'm sure my theatre friends are. 
It's astounding to support theatre/acting/singing and the visual arts. 
Sending you love and kindness in hopes that you have a wonderful holiday my friends!

Drink with me to days gone by and days to come!

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