Happy pride!

Happy Monday everyone!

Isn’t it wonderful knowing a new week is ahead!?!

I think it is.

I have a few new things to share with you this week.

Stripes (2).jpg

I’m sharing this to say Happy Pride to everyone. That goes to EVERYONE in LGBTQ too.

In all honesty, I have been ashamed of my stripes for years.

I should have been proud of who I am and what I have gone through.

In a way, I was but I was also ashamed.

Society taught me that people should be a certain weight, etc.

I never got to the point of many but was overweight.

I actually gained weight due to a medication that I was on and lost it due to another medication.

If it were not for that I wouldn’t have what I do today to stand up for the many who need to know that they aren’t alone and can!

I also love standing up for the B in LGBTQ as we need to know that we too are a part of LGBTQ.

I’ve seen the new flag for LGBTQ and it’s beautiful.

I could complain that it does make bis stand out on it but I honestly thought that our colours stood in it as it was.

We are all beautiful and a community together. Personally, I do not believe that we should be separated but that’s me.

It’s society that needs to just accept that love is love.

Some judge us because we’re not gay enough and some judge us because we’re not straight enough!

In a way, we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

5-28-19 Night.jpg

I am actually very close to straight but do not think that should matter.

I started dating girls when I started dating guys.

Anyone who knows me would know that and if they don’t all people need to do is ask.

I don’t bite. Well, I do sometimes but that’s a different story all together!

If ya don’t ask though, don’t cry!

Next I have a collage that I made showing a painting I created!

The same painting is for sale in my store.

Please let me know if you’re interested!

Lastly, I made this collage to share saying adventure awaits.

Many of you know that I want to go to NY for my friend Marie Forleo’s book publishing event!

I can’t honestly say 100% that is possible at the moment. I can say 100% that I’m going to keep trying!

Marie and her team have been more supportive of me then many.

In a time when only a like or statement of encouragement would keep me going Marie and her team were always there to let me know that I should keep going.

Locals may like comments, etc but seriously if they know how to contact me in order to set a date to meet up and talk,etc. but don’t.

Am I supposed to feel like any of those likes are real!?

If so, sorry to burst your bubble but I know better. If they want me to feel like that support was real, they know where to find me.

I’ll forever be grateful for all likes, etc. but more so if I feel that you’re real. I feel that Marie doesn’t have a thing to hide, is very real and likes from her mean more because of that.

I hope I can give you a hug in person and say thank you Marie!

6-1-19 Morning (2).jpg

I love to support my friends and at the same time I could check out apartments, etc. as I hope to move there when possible. :)

A HUGE thank you to those who have been supportive of my moving!

I’ve wanted to move to NY for years and will never stop trying.

NY holds my heart.

It really doesn’t matter where you are, etc. Everyday for everyone is an adventure!

That is what I had in mind when creating the last digital work.

Although adventure does always await please know that YOU have control over your brain.

To be in a relationship of any kind is an adventure. It’s up to each person if that is the type of adventure they would like to take.

If you get upset, etc. at a situation, etc. it’s a choice in how you react.

The only time that is not a choice is when you do not have control over your brain.

That can happen due to being drugged, abused, huge illnesses, etc.

To blame some in that situation can often add emotional abuse on-top of abuse, etc. so please think before judging others!

You just could be a part of harming someone without even knowing it.

Personally, I feel that having control over your emotions is very important though.

Call me crazy but I don’t want that much control over another person.

I also don’t want to give anyone that much control over me.

I know now that I can control my brain and wish to give those controls to noone.

I will be the first person to say I LOVE YOU and mean it but I will NOT give anyone the keys to my heart and soul. Those belong to me.

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Moving on, I’m still trying out for art contests!

If you know of any that I could enter please let me know. I truly would appreciate it.

I do need more support and a team which all costs money.

Contests can be based on:

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Most importantly be kind!



What we say to ourselves in the privacy of our own minds, matters! It drives our behaviour, which drives our destiny, which shapes our world.
— Marie Forleo