Equal Pay Day and art!

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PhototasticCollage-2016-02-28-12-45-21 (2).jpg

I would like to share a photo with you all for Equal Pay Day!

Equal Pay Day was April 2nd and is meant to raise awareness about the gap between men and women’s wages.

I commend all strong women who stand in positions letting the world know that we can too.

Knowing that is a inspiration to me and I am beyond proud to be a part of letting others know to keep following their dreams! Your sexual orientation, etc. should not matter.

Everyone matters and everyone should be paid equally.

I truly hope that everyone knows they aren’t alone there.

Studio 2 (3).jpg

As promised, I would like to share the progress that I made to my studio table!

Also to celebrate strong women, etc. I have added a few stickers as seen!!!

I would LOVE some advice on where to go with my table. :)

Should I add more to it or just leave it as is? I was thinking positive words or statements could be added!?!?

I have been watching and learning from the wonderful Mark Montano!

I love you Mark!

Mark often adds a clear varnish to his works.

I highly recommend looking at his works. They’re amazing.

I am thinking that I should add one to this so that it will be protected.

Please leave a comment publicly or privately and let me know your thoughts!

Textured Shell 2 Collage.jpg

Lastly, I made a collage showing the process of an ACEO I created. I wanted to share it with you all.

This piece has Savannah, Ga soil in it as I ran out of textured medium and made one.

I just added a couple spoonfuls of soil to clear medium and bingo!

If you want something straight from Savannah, Ga. to treasure always buy this!

It will be for sale in my shop later, so keep a eye out!

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I am also not by any means a medical professional and no longer do theatre.

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Angela Taylor