Digital works & National Museum of Women in the Arts!

Hey everyone!


I hope that you’re having a wonderful Monday!

I have a few things to share with you today.


The first is a digital work that I made years ago.

If you haven’t taken a look at my last post,

please do!!!


This second one is a digital work that I made from an invitation that I got to be on the honour roll for the National Museum of Women in the Arts! I hope that you all like it.

I have been a huge supporter of the national museum of the arts for years and a regular member! 
A dream of mine is to hold a show of my art in their museum! 
To represent Ga. in Wa. DC. has been a huge honour but I would absolutely LOVE being there in person!
I've noticed Dawn Baker has stood up for many females in this area and would love to include her somehow as well. 
To not only stand up for all the issues represented in my art but to stand as a strong female in the arts!!! 💗💜💙💪💗💜💙
Please support the arts today and show the world that they can express themselves with it.
They may choose dance, singing, writing, public speaking, acting, comedy, jewellery making, you name it. 
Find what you love though and follow your heart! 
Start true to who you are and art will help you find the way.

The third picture I took is the start of a art journal. :) I got that idea from Mark Montano’s video on Junk Art Journals. :)

As many of you know, I absolutely love Mark’s work!

He’s extremely inspiring and who doesn’t love colours like he does!?

Instead of throwing away my invitation to be on the honour role as a member of the National Museum of Women in the arts when I was done with it, I made a journal page out of it!

I am unsure as to what it’s going to be, etc. but we shall see!

Thank you Mark! I needed this more then anyone could possibly know right now. :)

I have always wanted to have a art show in the NMWA and to go to things like this in person would be amazing. My being a member is kinda like these pages. I can see my membership and be proud of it but I can’t get all of the benefits from it as some can only be taken advantage of if there in person.

The thing is, the main thing for me is to support women in the arts!

Benefits are just a plus to me.

Check out the national museum of women in the arts on Instagram at: @womeninthearts 
Standing up is amazing!
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I'd like to thank Marie Forleo, her team, and many other motivational help that helped me find the courage to keep this up. 
I'd also like to thank Kris Carr for helping motivate me to start eating better and thinking about my wellbeing. Smoothies really are great!
Have a wonderful night and know you are loved!

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Angela Taylor

Please go to their site and give to them to help  end discrimination in Georgia!

Please go to their site and give to them to help

end discrimination in Georgia!