Digital works!

Hey everyone!

Can you believe that it’s Monday already!? I can’t!!!

Time REALLY goes by fast!

It seems to fly by faster with each year.

I have a few things to share with you all this Monday!!!

The first is a digital work that I added some text to years ago!

Sara Bussey Photography

Sara Bussey Photography

It was taken for the newspaper in 2011.

I was actually talked into this and now see it as a blessing that gave me the strength that I need today.

Even the things I absolutely disagree with gave me the strength that I need to stand up for those who need me to and that’s worth more then any words can express, so thanks!

If you know my background, I worked back-stage for only a few shows and later was only in the chorus for a few others.

I have since had solos on-stage though and if anyone has pictures of that I would really appreciate seeing them! Let me know if you can help there.
Today, I love having pictures taken of me but really don't like knowing what it may make some think. 
Nobody is perfect and everyone has bad days. 
Some just smile through them.  It’s not easy for anyone.
Everyone can though! 
Everyone, all sexual orientations, etc. can!!!
I found this for Kate Crocco.

Photos like this often make people look as if some don’t have bad days. That simply is not true!

At that time my face was broken out. They just took it all out of the photo. I think it’s very important for people to know that beauty is inside.

You do not need to change for anyone.

Just be your beautiful amazing self and those who are blessed to go along for the ride will.

If you’ve been following me, you’ve heard me talking about Kate!

 Thanks Kate, because this is such an important message. 
I also am working on getting this confidence back! 
It's a reminder that I needed too. 


I created a digital work to share a sketch I made last night with you all. :)

It was inspired by a photo a friend posted.

Please keep a eye out to see what happens with it. :)

I’ve been working on getting my newsletter started again.

Please let me know your thoughts on that, etc.

Please only contact me if actually interested in art.

Heart (2).jpg

This is a digital work that I made and wanted to share. :)

I used a mixed media work that I made years ago in it .

I know that I can’t fix everything in the world. I don’t know about you but that fact does bother me a bit.

There are events, etc. that create awareness of mainly what others see as alright.

I truly don’t understand that as I believe everyone matters and I believe everyone deserves to be given equal options.

I am vegan and that’s going to have to be enough.

I don’t get all vegan products when it comes to my art and I realise that they aren’t all vegan. I try my best and that’ll have to do because nothing deserves to drive me crazy.

<3 I learned that from a friend of mine. <3

That’s a choice I can make and that is a choice everyone can make too.

On a happier note, I visited Taco Bell recently and asked to leave out a few things and replace them with black beans! I was VERY impressed, not only was the service great but the food was YUM! That IS giving everyone a option so THANK YOU TACO BELL! I hope others follow your lead.

This is a collage that I made after seeing some of my friends with eyes on their foreheads, etc.


This photo is from a earth day event years ago. 
As some may know I do not name people all the time.

I tend to get names wrong anyway, so really I’m not going to struggle trying to remember who’s who, etc.  

That will seriously drive me crazy!

I truly don’t understand why people expect others to remember them when they don’t remember you.

I don’t know about others but that is not gonna happen anymore with me because nobody is worth my health.

Nothing and nobody is worth your health either. Don’t let anyone drive you crazy because that gives them power over you.

Some will be respectful of that, others will take advantage of it.

If someone actually wants to be a part of your life, they should be willing to acknowledge your being here. They should be all to happy to talk to you and let that be known.

If they don’t or worse blame you they shouldn’t cry because they have absolutely nothing to cry about.

At the same time, I suggest finding the middle and not hardening your heart.

Love is the only thing that will truly save this world.

Those who know my past, know that I’ve never been perfect.

I truly don’t care what people think about me and don’t mind if my lack of willingness to harm myself looks bad to some.
You hopefully know who you are though and if you don't.

I hope you know 
I see you and you warm my heart.

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