Saving the world with art!

Hey people!

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend and have a great week! :)

To those of you who may be travelling please keep safety in mind but above all have fun! I look forward to seeing future posts showing your adventures! :) Thank you for being such a blessing to this world and sharing with others. 

As my followers may know I've finished my door!! I didn't show the back in my last post though and will share it in this one. :) 


Here is a collage that I made showing it! If you saw my last post I shared the other side on it. I made the petals show as seen here.

I actually would take a short video showing the opening and closing of the door but I have no idea how to do that. Message me if you do. :) 

It's highly recommended that if you paint on doors like this that you take the doors off the hinges first! This was anything but easy and I'm hardly finished. I have 5 more doors to go! You guys get to watch along the way too! How awesome is that!? ;)

Yes, this is going to be like a big playhouse when I'm done but hey it's a studio...why not? Plus, it's hugely fun to finish even one petal!!!

I'm also thinking about trying a market again. I've almost got this site up and going so why not? That being so, if you know of any art markets in Savannah, Ga. leave me a message and let me know!

4 Boxes Of Fulfillment.jpg

I also wanted to share something that I learned from Sunny Lenarduzzi. If you do not know about Sunny, please look her up! You can find her channel at:

You'll love her show and learn a lot from her.  This shows my 4 boxes of fulfillment. I read them each morning as seen here they are hanging up on my desk! :) 

I also posted about it on instagram, etc.  The tissues are for Cutter Martin , if you follow him he has been talking a bit about his allergies. My suggestion is essential oils of course! Best cure for most health issues.  

I was also hugely disappointed after finding out that Leonardo DiCaprio smokes.

After I settled down, I thought about it and I've only not smoked for 7yrs. I'm still working on forgiving myself for that, so who am I to judge? Let the guy kill himself if he wants. 

Ok, I made myself laugh there.

 It reminds me of my doors actually. Flowers are on my doors and flowers need air to breathe! The question I hope many ask themselves is do they want to be a part of something that is  killing nature?

 He is trying to stop to, I think. Gotta give him that but I hope that he keeps trying to stop.

Those trying to stop, etc. please remember that you can do it. I believe in you. 

I will say nothing else that is up to each person. 

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I look forward to hearing from you all!

  Anyway have a great week!! I know Jim Carrey doesn't like the word hope but I hope that you make it a great one. 


Angela Taylor