Art and masks

Hey you guys!

I hope that this week is starting off wonderfully!


I have a few things to share with you all this Monday!!!

The first is a sketch that I’ve shown before.

I didn’t show it finished though and made a collage to share with you all!!!

I haven’t decided if I am going to sell this one or just leave it a sketch.

What do you all think?

It was inspired by a photo that Alex Stern posted.

I say inspired because it’s not exactly like the photo.


Next I wanted to share a photo that I took of my table.

I have not shared what I have done with it in ages. I’m still working on it though.

As you can see here I’ve made a mess of it!

I am still trying to decide what to do with it.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to share!!! Publicly or privately I would absolutely love that.

I have artist friends in mind to come over and help with it. We shall see if that happens but that would be awesome!

The last photo that I have to share is a greeting that I made.

5-17-19 Night.jpg

When creating this, I thought a mask on the moon was perfect. 🙂
When people take off their masks it shows the world and sometimes themselves that they are going after their dreams.

Many times a mask is just partially taken off but that is still a huge step to make. A beautiful step too and something to be very proud of!

It shows that they aren’t just saying they are going to do something but actually doing what they say.
Isn't it great to see those who keep a smile on their face during the journey?!?
Sometimes they wear a mask, sometimes they don't.
Reality is that you can not save everyone but you can save yourself!
You can give yourself the love you would wish for someone else.

How many good things do you do in the world? The fact is, your body makes those things possible. Why not take care of your body to help that continue? Why not fully love yourself to continue loving others?

One of the things I struggle with is feeling anothers emotions, etc. and not being able to help them.

Some people would say this is supernatural and although I respect that I think it’s just empathy and something everyone is capable of.

I believe that there is a point when the spiritual side of things can carry you too far and each person has to find that point for themselves.

You can not fear spirituality so much that you hide from it because no matter who you are, where you are, etc. you need spirituality. NOT Religion but what is inside of each person. If Religion gets you through life and you need it to hold onto there is absolutely NO shame in that! None. The Church and Religion can be very helpful and they do guide people.

I just do NOT believe that Spirituality alone will heal everything. That’s like thinking that if someone is thirsty all they have to do is think of water and they won’t be thirsty. I honestly believe that thinking like that can help you until the body has been in need of physical water for to long.

I believe that in many cases the emotions can cause a physical reaction and spirituality often helps there as well.

I honestly think that spiritual side is a side many do not understand and due to not understanding it, fear it.
Take off all masks people,stop fearing things, free yourself to let others know that it's ok to set themselves free too!
Don't know how?
That's inner work, nobody can do that for you. I can’t tell ya how, in my belief nobody can, only YOU can.
That too will help save this world though.
One soul setting themselves free at a time.

My saying all this does not mean that I believe I know everything. I believe that many people know alot more in certain areas of life and it would be foolish of me not to admit that, so I fully admit that.

That also does not have to do with age, etc. If it were possible to reach back in time and grab someone in their later years who still believed the earth were flat, we would know more because that is how history is.

We have scientific proof today that they did not have years ago, yet there were those who were older then we are at that time too. That does not mean that they knew more! Age, etc. does not mean that a person knows more or less. I believe that we can all learn from eachother.

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