Pleasantly surprised!

Hey peoples!

I hope that everyone’s week is starting off wonderfully!

I have some great news!

I was checking my mail as usual and when I opened my email from Marie Forleo was pleasantly surprised when she quoted me!

I commented on her video interviewing Judge Pratt and she quoted me saying..

"Thank you to anyone who has ever stood up in any way for another. Actions of kindness are never forgotten. History books will write about such kindness long after all of us are gone."~ Angela T.

That means the world to me because I truly believe that those who have made a difference in the world should be noted for it and remembered for their good deeds.

I beg those in Ga. to look at that interview and follow what Judge Pratt suggests to help Georgia and actually the world.

I was in total shock after seeing that because I am such a fan of Marie Forleo. After I got myself together and stopped crying(happy tears), I created this from a walk that I went on.


I figure each day is a blessing and I wanted to thank Marie for helping me get through that day by making me smile.

I also wanted to thank her team for always being there and believing in me.

They are all absolutely wonderful!


I also wanted to share something with you. Growing up I would always look forward to the holidays!

Karen Calkins, a family friend made dresses, etc. for me growing up. This year I had something handmade to put out that I absolutely love.

I had to share!

A pillow case made just for this time of year! I absolutely love it.

Thank you Karen!

That painting was actually from my first show.

I shared it with local artist Mary Atkins who actually got me into selling my art. :)

I would meet her for the holidays to have coffee each year. I kinda miss that and hope she’s doing well.

The main thing that I’d miss is when we’d meet at Starbucks and I’d run into Christopher Blair. That was to awesome!

Here is a collage that I made showing pumpkins that I got!

Pumpkins donated by: Les Taylor


I thought that you’d like them and wanted to share.

I added to the white one. Keep an eye out to find out how!

I may add to the orange one as well but may leave it, I’m unsure. Please leave me a comment to let me know what you think that I should do!

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It’s always wonderful hearing from everyone of you all!

Lastly this was made by the wonderful Marie Forleo for anyone who needs it! I leave you with it.

Have a great week people!

Namaste,  Angela Taylor


Angela Taylor