Fly Free!


I hope that your first week of 2019 was a wonderful one!

This first digital collage that I made was created from pictures that I took of a bird that I saw next door!!!

Nature is so amazing isn’t it!?

I thought this was perfect to create a collage with messages about spreading your wings and flying free!

I figure that if we each spread our wings and fly to make our dreams come true,

we can make 2019 a great year!

Why not spread your wings and fly to freedom in 2019! Along the way getting the correct amount of sleep is very important!!

meditate (3).jpg

I made this after hearing someone talk about sleep but truly it applies to everyone!

That being so, I wanted to share! :)

As promised in my last post.

I have made a mixed media work to say goodbye to the Ellen show.

Size: 5” X 7”

Medium: Mixed Media

Those who have been following me may know this work was also created to help Ellens fund helping wildlife!! 😁 

Go to: to learn more! 


The digital collage was made of course to share with you all but also to show the creative process! 
Never tell someone to stop creating because you can't see what they they can see. 
Even realistic art starts off as a piece of crap.

Ok, that was a bit harsh but it’s a harsh truth, actually in some places that is hugely kind.

Many just aren’t used to that and it is not accepted today. In the professional art world there are nicer ways of critiquing works.

Unless you’re a comedian and just joking I simply don’t understand that sort of behaviour nor want it in my life.

People can critique art nicely just as those in politics can have political debates yet be kind about them.

People often give up after being told others opinions of their work, especially abstract artists!
Ask any visual artist.
We have to start somewhere.
We do not create to be perfect. 
We create without fear of our flaws! Everyone has them. 
Keep going because there is beauty in imperfection. 

Lastly I wanted to thank those who stood up for what is right at the Golden Globes.

That is extremely beautiful and a wonderful thing to do.

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