MLK, watercolour and challenge!

Hey people!


I hope that you had a wonderful weekend!

The moon was very beautiful this weekend.

If you did not get to see it please take a look at WTOCs page as they have a great picture of it.

Many of you know how much I love Martin Luther King so I made a digital work to share with you.

I hope that you like it.

OFMM5 (3).jpg

If you follow me, you have seen that I have been sharing the progress of my watercolour!

LOFMM or Lights Out of my mind.


The title is not exactly the same but inspired by a book on audible that I was listening to.

I only made a little progress on it but made this collage to share it with you all!

Please keep your eyes on my blog to see more of this watercolour. :)

Lastly as many of you know I have been in a challenge!!!

Well, I finished it!!

I’m so proud of myself as I have been super busy, yet let nothing stop me!

Here’s a collage of my works to share with you all.

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I shared each piece as they were made and what they were about, etc.!

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If you go to my main site, please keep in mind that it is constantly being updated, etc.

Any suggestions on it would be appreciated!!

I do not shy away from someone explaining things that need to be fixed. I ask for them!

Why? Simply because I do not know everything. I don’t believe anyone does and believe we can each learn from eachother.

I can’t help wondering what will happen the day no child will take correction from a teacher, etc.?

How will they learn?

We adults, etc. are not children but in all honesty I still believe we can learn something from another.

In most cases our brains have already learned alot about life.

If we think about it, do we know exactly how another coped in every situation of their life?

What if taking the time to know that, etc. can help us learn to cope better with what we have to deal with in life or help us in some other way?

What if we need more understanding and working together in order to learn what is needed to make life a bit easier?

It doesn’t matter anyones age or experience, etc. a person may be.

There is ALWAYS something to learn. We just have to be willing to learn.

People often let their differences of opinions divide them from the understanding they need.

Anyway, I welcome all professional advice and truly want to learn!

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Angela Taylor