Fireworks and Sketches!

Hey people!

I hope that you’re having a wonderful Monday and had a great weekend.

LoveHeals (2).jpg

I have a few things to share with you this week.

The first is a digital work that I made.

I don’t know about any of you but I don’t seem to get the same things from creating digital works that I do from painting.

If you are a visual artist,etc. please let me know your thoughts on the subject! I would absolutely love to hear!

I also have a sketch to share with you all!


If you’ve been following me, you probably know that I absolutely love Marie Forleo!!

This sketch is of her. :)

I’ve made a few sketches and have been trying to decide which one I will turn into a painting.

The choice to do that seemed easy at first but then I started to think of the issues I had in the past when creating portraits.

Have you guys ever talked yourself right out of doing something like that?

My mind kept changing so who knows if I will leave this a sketch or create a painting of it!

I make no more promises and apologise for any that I made in the past.

Still, I will not give up so keep your eyes on this blog to find out with me. :)


If you have been following me you have noticed the I have been posting photos from the past to celebrate it and help me get used to that again.

I am unsure of the year that I made this but it is dedicated to Katy Perry for the song firework.

It inspired me and this reminded me that I have that in me. I just need to let it out again.. just like everyone needs to let the beauty they hold inside out because baby we’re all fireworks

No matter what anyone may say, etc. remember the beautiful things in your life. What you have overcome, etc. and let’s all show this world what we’re worth! :)

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I also want people to know that I am just a visual artist and not a photographer, chef, preacher, or coach, etc.

I am also not by any means a medical professional and no longer do theatre.

However if you know of a contest that I could enter please let me know. I truly would appreciate it.

Contests can be based on:

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  2. poems

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    Any form of art contest is one that I would be hugely interested in seeing!

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Most importantly be kind!