Hey everyone!

I hope that you’re having a wonderful Monday and have great plans for the week!

Things happened preventing me from posting last week.

I have to admit that I completely tore myself up about it feeling as if I failed.

I don’t know about you but that often happens to me when I can’t complete something correctly.

Art always pulls me out of that situation. Meditation and things needed daily help as well but anyone of course has to be motivated to do them. Things don’t just happen on their own.

That topic gets me excited about my next project!

Keep your eyes on this blog to find out about it.

Creating doesn’t always pull me out of it but watching, reading, etc. art that others have created often pulls me out of it. I’ve felt so bad before that the only thing that helped was meditation.

I would name those artists but the list would be to long.

I will simply say thank you as I have done many other times, I cannot say thank you enough.

I can keep creating because I absolutely love each of you.

Creating and sending out messages that you can, etc. is what I intend on doing. It’s one thing I truly believe will help make this world better.

Like you can see in my last post, I have been working on a painting with you are perfect in it.

I made this collage to share with you all! It shows what I have done to it.


I also made a recording about it to share with you!!

Please let me know what you think!

Moving on, thank you again for any and all help. It does not simply help me but helps me get messages out in the world that help others.

I am hugely grateful for that and send you all hugs.

I am still keeping contests, etc. in mind as it would just not be realistic to think that the money I need in order to help others grows on trees.

Contests can be based on:

  1. painting

  2. poems

  3. short stories

  4. Jewellery

  5. Digital works

  6. Theatre

    Any form of art contest is one that I would be hugely interested in seeing!

Questions or comments about this post or my art?

Again, don’t be shy! Write me at:

Questions about my site hit me up at:

Most importantly be kind!