Hey everyone.

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend and have a great week. :)

Alot of interesting things went on this week!

One I will be sharing more about in next weeks post.

Keep your eyes open and you will find it there.

As promised in my last post, I’ve made a collage of my latest work to share with you all.


To hear about it go here:

If you would like to see more projects, etc. please visit

my Instagram page at:

Although my other pages do show many things that you can only find on them, I create some things that can only be found here.

Please don’t be shy and let me know your thoughts.

If you’d like to hear more as well, I made another recording to share more with you!

Moving on, I’m still trying out for art contests!

If you know of any that I could enter please let me know.

Even better if you know of any positions in NY that I could try out for or keep in mind to try out for, please let me know. I truly would appreciate it.

Those who may have done that already please know that I absolutely love you. I see you and thank you! You warm my heart.

I love standing up for what I do in my art from time to time and it means alot when anyone helps in anyway!

I speak more about that in the second audio created for you all.

To listen to it go to:

If you would like to help me so that I can continue to let others know that they can, please purchase one of my works today.

I truly simply want to help others believe in themselves.

Help me live this thing called life and babe I’ll never let go!

Contests can be based on:

  1. painting

  2. poems

  3. short stories

  4. Jewellery

  5. Digital works

  6. Theatre

    Any form of art contest is one that I would be hugely interested in seeing!

Questions or comments about this post or my art?

Again, don’t be shy! Write me at:

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Most importantly be kind!