You have the heart of a queen!

Hey everyone.

I hope that you’re having a great Monday and have a wonderful week.


I have been updating my site and working on adding a page for my ACEOs!

While working on it, I found some digital works that I made in the past.

I’d like to share one with you all!

This shows a card I made while going through a Gregg Shorthand phase.

I was also watching the 1997 movie Titanic the other day and wanted to write about the difference in my thinking in 1997.

I hadn’t seen that movie in forever!!! The technology in it looks completely different.

At that time I was in a huge state of just WOW! It truly shows how times change.

Anyway, the imagination that created the love story also caught the attention of many at that time.

Why do I want to talk about that though?

In 1997 I was a teenager, I want to pass on what I learned from that experience so it will hopefully help someone else.

I was so fascinated by the love story that I did not care or understand that much about the historical background of the Titanic.

I also didn’t really care about the positive things the character Jack said, etc. to help Rose.

It did capture my attention though and I would learn from it over time.

What I cared about at that time was that they both looked good and I wanted to see them get together, etc.

In that respect, I was a normal teen.

I hadn’t started painting at that time, so did not pay attention to the visual art either. At least not to the extent that I do today.

Jack’s character helped Rose though and stopped her from jumping off of the Titanic.

If society were like that and took the time to truly care. They’d get to know each person in order to truly help one another.

Slowly, I see that changing though. It’s amazing to see those who do not let fear keep them silent but stand up for what’s right.

At the same time I tend to believe that those who do know the larger meaning of life, what they wish to share or the bigger picture often end up like Rose.

There’s a feeling of complete isolation when looking around at people who give hugs, smiles and care in public but totally ignore the true you.

Most truly don’t understand people being busy as a teen, etc.

Plus, not everyone is blessed enough to find someone like Jack to encourage them and remind them of the good things in life either.

Just as not everyone has blood family who cares enough to help them out of a situation that may be causing them harm.

The truth is that everyone needs that encouragement though. Everyone needs and deserves that love.

Some have friends, etc. who will share the joy of life with them but what about those who do not have real friends who care to that extent or family that cares to that extent?

Although, I truly believe it’s good to never let go of life. I also believe it’s best for each person to find their inner Jack so they will always have someone who truly cares.


Then they won’t need a Jack to remind them to never let go.

They’ll be able to say forget the heart of the ocean, I have the heart of a freakin’ queen!!

Dare to believe in yourself people because you have the heart of a queen!

Show that heart of a queen or king. Live life to the fullest and don’t let anyone bring you down.

I am reminded on my bad days and when I see others suffering that everyone has bad days. Everyone has times when they need to be alone and at that time only your inner Jacks can truly save you.

So find your inner Jack and show the world you’ve got this!

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Angela Taylor