Love,Sex and the earth!

Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend and have a wonderful week.

I simply can not believe that this will be the last week of January! Can you?

Time goes by so fast!


In my last post, I shared the progress made to LOFMM (one of my watercolour works) and said that I would share more.

Well, good thing that I am one to keep my word!!!

I made another collage to share with you all showing it’s completion.

Don’t be shy!

Leave a message or contact me privately letting me know what you think, etc.

Yes, this work has a meaning but not all of my works have a deeper meaning. Some are simply created to create.

I also made this digital work to share after being reminded of the statement love and be loved.


The way I see it now is that truly depends on the type of love you are talking about.

There is physical love and emotional love.

Physical love or sex is nice but it simply does not last.

What does last is loving yourself. Truly loving yourself enough to go down deep inside of yourself and finding out who you are, etc.

That is a personal journey and something that no lover can give to you nor take away.

Valentines Day is coming up next month and I know that the difference between sex and real love is often a confusing one.

If you truly love yourself, you don’t need to worry about love because it will always be there.
Love yourself enough that you no longer have to have anothers love to feel whole. You are whole already. 

I grew up in theatre because my father was a lead years ago.

This was after not having my own bed until the age of 6yrs, so I was totally in awe.
My father is in many SCAD films, etc. today. 
Due to his being in the arts, years ago I was respected and invited to events.
I also constantly begged for love from others and thought I had to prove myself.
I did not see my own worth.

Many in the arts sadly did not help me to see my own worth, as the main reason for their even being friends with me in the first place often was my father.

I did not totally see this though because this was not always the case and made countless paintings, etc. for everyone. I gave my paintings to those who I admired and loved in theatre. Just as a child gives their parents drawings from school out of nothing but love.

Don't be as idiotic as I was.

Don't assume people will care as much as you do or show it in the same way.

Some simply don’t know how to talk about feelings. They often mean no harm but only know how to express themselves on-stage, so don’t really want to acknowledge that everyone has feelings. Often they were not taught that it is ok to feel and were taught to only speak when spoken to, etc.

Don't forget that there are wonderful and kind people out there who do know that expressing your emotions is ok. At the same time don't forget people change.

Some harm without even knowing it, others harm purposely.Do not forget that there are kind people who care in this world! Please love and protect yourself so you are ready for either.

If you are a parent, please in the name of all things holy teach your children to protect themselves by not giving them everything they want, etc. That can cripple them and can be extremely dangerous. At the same time, ignoring what a person needs can also be crippling. Finding the middle is the answer. You don’t get everything you want in the real world though and people must be ready for it because everyone grows up.
I do not regret giving from the heart and have learned from that. 
I learned that you can love and be ignored, so it's best to love yourself while remembering not to harden your heart. Although there are those who will not return your love, there is also a huge world of loving, caring people in it.

I do not think giving in certain situations is bad and do not regret giving at all! I have just learned from my past and no longer assume anything.
I thank those who have been in my life because kindness and love are not dead if we choose to keep them alive. 

Love yourself enough to use your inner strength and make your dreams a reality.
Do not love to be loved. Love yourself, love life, the earth, others and if another loves you they'll give you the respect they give to all.
If not, respect yourself and the memory of those who did not accept belittlement enough to turn, hold up a peace sign and walk away.


I have saved the best for last!

Those who follow me may remember my talking about The Ellen Fund.

I created a painting to say goodbye to the Ellen Show and a collage of it that noted The Ellen Fund as a shout out!

I was contacted after that about winning a free gorilla!!!

The Ellen Fund, led by the amazing Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres is to help endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda!

If you follow me, you’ll understand how simply amazing that is to me.
Thank you Ellen and Portia, for helping save this earth! 
I truly believe that everyone can choose to help the earth with one act of kindness at a time. 
Helping animals is a huge act of kindness so I was beyond happy when I received this!

To learn more about the Ellen Fund please visit and donate there to help save gorillas!

Thank you again for sending this!

Is it not adorable!? I swear everytime I see it I just want to give it a hug!

I love it’s little green hoodie that says #Ellenlovesme on it too!

Knowing that someone cares helps alot. Dancing and making people laugh is good too!! GRINS

Anything having to do with Ellen DeGeneres is something that I could go on and on about forever!

Moving on though, please keep your eyes open for my next post!

I will share more about an acrylic painting I have been working on next week!

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