Ellen & new challenge!

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Great news!

After my shout out to the Ellen Fund in my last post, I got a Instagram message saying that I won a free Gorilla!

I do not tag as often as many and often find out later that some sort of technical issue got in the way, so I was surprised.

I’ve always absolutely loved Ellen and everyone who knows me knows that I love animals.

I like to keep myself from getting too excited when it comes to things like this because you never do know if things will change at the last minute or if a technical issue will come up, etc. so I find it best not to get too excited.

I’m sure they understand that is just how things are.

Also, on a positive note it’s beyond awesome that they saw it!

It makes me wanna dance and I don’t dance.


I’m participating in a challenge this week!

It’s called Thinking Like A Boss challenge! You can read more about it at

Here’s a digital piece that I made based on the word of the year Kate Crocco shared!

OFMM Collage1.jpg

She is awesome and you mothers out there who don’t think that you have time to follow your dreams, take a look at her!

I also made a collage to show you a watercolour that I am working on.

It’s titled: LOFMM for short and Lights,Out of My Mind

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Please keep in mind that my site is constantly being updated, etc.

Anyway, any suggestions on it would be appreciated!!

I welcome all professional advice.

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