No day but today!

Hey people!!!

It’s almost Christmas!

Can you believe it and soon it will be a whole new year!


Time really does go by so fast! It’s amazing.

I made a collage showing the joy of past Christmases! I hope that you like it.

This shows photos of ornaments I personalised and gave as gifts to family.

I couldn’t help but share a photo from the past as well!!!


This shows a photo I made of my past Christmas Stockings behind me.

I drew that when I was around 16yrs.

I remember it well, I absolutely loved that fireplace!

Logs on the fire and roasted marshmallows!

Can you say cozy and yum?

This drawing behind me was actually one of the only things showing our Christmas Stockings after a house fire took them from us years ago.

The red nose is in support of others in need. :)

I have always and will always be a huge supporter of helping others.

The past is the past, no matter how hard or damaging that past may be though.

It is anything but easy to let go of such situations but if you keep going over that past, you will be damaging yourself and causing yourself more pain.

Speaking as a survivor, we do not deserve more pain!

I did not realise that I can choose to move on or live in pain for many years. Many still do not realise or want to realise that fact and that is ok, to each their own.

I personally believe that going over painful situations gives power to the situation that may have harmed you.

I nolonger wish to give power to any situation that may have harmed me and will nolonger allow anyone to hold me down in that pain.

I realise that people mainly understand what they were taught, and people will only be able to truly live for today when they are ready to do so.

I have no time to live in the past though. Like the musical Rent sings there is no day but today. :)

I do not deserve the pain of living in my past in order to help others learn to live for today.

Nobody deserves the pain thinking over hard situations can cause. They do however deserve to live in the joy and happiness that can be found living in today.

Only by living in today can anyone be in the health to continue inspiring and helping others in this world.

I can only hope that everyone learns to be like that because if you’re alive you can live for today.

Life is beautiful and it’s worth living.


That being so here’s a collage showing more of my studio. :) I hope that you like it!

Please keep your eyes open as there will be more to share!

Let’s let remember that there is no day but today and let go of the past.

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I am off to make Christmas Cookies! YUM!

Happy Holidays to everyone nomatter how you celebrate, etc.

Sending all my love to each of you.

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