Don't be a Grinch! Be kind.

Hey everyone!


I hope that you had a great weekend and have a wonderful week!

Soon it will be Christmas! Can you believe it?

I can’t!

If you have been following me, you have seen the pictures that I’ve taken sharing my progress on updating my studio.

Here is a collage that I made showing more!

As seen on it, I added the word finish, I’m only finished with what I have done this week!!

Keep a eye out, I will be sharing more. :)

I put a rope as the border because at times I feel tied to this studio.

Other times, I feel very blessed and know that my future will be bright.

Moving on!

Many of you know my love of the Ellen show.

Well as some may know, Ellen DeGeneres is talking about not renewing her contract. In other words ending the Ellen show.

I have her back no matter what she chooses to do!

It’s her life, she should live it doing what makes her happy. Life is just too short for anything else.

I have to be honest and admit that I am a bit sad to see her go. I wanted to be on her show as a fan for many years and wrote a few times.

Shhh! Don’t tell. It’s a secret. ;)

What she has done for this earth, etc. is amazing and I can’t wait to see what other blessings she chooses to share.

If you have been following me, you know that I have been through alot.

Some tend to judge me based on my past but I don’t think Ellen would.

If anything, she’d probably just make me laugh.

I don’t know her personally but I just get the feeling that she knows how to just laugh instead of dwelling on sad situations.


I have learned from listening to others, etc that you can take a sad situation and turn it around to be whatever you choose.

You can find strength in situations of great sorrow and not give them the ability to stop you from going on.

That leads me to the digital work that I made to share!

As seen here it is of Santa holding a Ellen pin asking the world to be kind to one another.

When you send a message of being kind out to the world it will come right back to you so let’s all be kind to one another!

I also can’t help believing that both understanding and caring start with being kind.

You have to be kind in order to take the time to understand the reasons behind some situations and what can be done to better the situation.

It’s like Jim Carrey’s The Grinch stole Christmas.

Ron Howard is simply AMAZING to have noted why the Grinch became the Grinch.

What did the Grinch go through, etc.?

In the movie only a child took the time to find that out but when she did it helped him to see the blessings in the world that he had forgotten.

What if we showed kindness to everyone like that instead of jumping to blame someone?

Everyone has hard times and needs a friend, etc.

What if we did not judge others and helped them know that they aren’t alone instead?

This holiday may everyone look in your hearts to help unite people and not judge them.

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