Happy Chanukah!

Hey people!

Chanukah 2018.jpg

Every monday I am amazed by how the time just goes by!

I have seen many things supporting all beliefs and I find that to be extremely beautiful. I do not believe that all judgement is gone but I also do not believe it can steal any happiness without permission to do so.

That being so Happy Chanukah to all!

I do believe that there is much to learn from history but also believe that there’s alot to learn from the kindness and understanding found today in others. That kindness and understanding honours the memory of our ancestors who suffered judgement of any kind.

Only kindness and understanding are worthy of my time. May it multiply and all hate be forgotten. That is what our ancestors lived and many died for.

I wanted to share with you what became of the paper that was shared in the last post.


This was inspired by the amazing Mark Montano!


I’m still unsure exactly what I will do with them but they were super fun to create! They’re sure to put a smile on anyones face this holiday season.

Thank you Mark for inspiring such wonderful creations!

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