Remembrance Day!

I hope that everyone had a great Halloween! :)

Here is a recording of me that I would like to share. I made a slideshow to go with it but technology has been rather annoying lately.

I hope that you like it I must warn you though, it is rather long.

Thank you to my friend Sunny Gandara for listening to this and giving me advice on it.

That means more then words can express. :)


I can’t believe Halloween went by so fast.

Now for thanksgiving!

First I wanted to share a watercolour that I made.

Yes, I couldn’t help making a watercolour.

I wanted to scan it but have been having some issues with my hp printer.

If you know of how to get it to work please leave me a message.

I would really appreciate that. :)

I also made a digital thank you with it as seen here.


It’s to thank those who came to help Ga.

I want you to know that no matter what, you have won.

If you stood up for what you believe in, you did way more then many others and I commend you.

May that be remembered always!

Last but not least I wanted to share a older picture of me for Veterans Day.

This is me wearing my grandfathers hat.

I’m very proud to have so many in my family who have stood up for what’s right.


I have no doubt in my mind that is why I feel so strongly about standing up the best way that I can.

Looking at this picture, I can’t help wondering did my grandfather, aunt and father win everytime they went to war, etc.?

I bet they didn’t and I know they didn’t give up! ;)

I think of that and smile.

That anyone and everyone who has stood up for us has done so letting nothing pull them down.

May we all be so brave and remember that because of that we all win.

I can’t help thinking of the silly things in life too. I can honestly say that it has often been a struggle to remember them. That is why I decided to stick to art.

Art shares the beauty of the world without negativity. You can stand up for what you believe in but with laughter and love peace shines through.

Art reminds me of the fact that laughter is the best medicine.

Although, I believe reality should not be ignored and people should continue to stand up for it, in reality people need laughter, reasons to smile and fun times too.

People often think that if you stand up, you have to stand up their way or no way at all. I am not going to be like that, so anyone who believes that I commend you for doing what’s right but will not join you.

I do NOT wish for anyone to follow the way I do things. The way that I do things simply may not help YOU. Only YOU know what will help you! My way is NOT the only way.

I do not believe that I have to agree with someone to absolutely love them and to have learned from them.

I will not let what I disagree with stop me from seeing what I can learn.

I know that hate blinds people to what can save them.

May people see beyond what they disagree on and learn from eachother.

You can disagree with everything about someone and still learn from them.

Finding the ability to meet them with a smile may help you learn one thing that can truly save this world. One thing you would not have known otherwise.

It’s ok to admit that we can each learn from eachother. That nobody knows everything. We were borne to learn from eachother not know everything.May we all remember why we were borne and see that there is no shame in it. ~Angela Taylor

I also know that seeing people bleeding, etc. and not being able to help them harms me.

You see that no-matter what but truly in art you see it less and are given reasons to smile.

This leads me to a story!

I would come home crying after school in my high school days and watch musicals I had worked on, etc. over and over.

There were no officers in my high school but I really could go on and on about true abusive stories.

I have wondered why nobody spoke up for me but now I really don’t care.

I will create until I am free. I will free myself because I deserve to be free!

Everyone deserves to be free.

I quite honestly don’t even go to reunions for that reason.

I was simply too traumatised and I will not put myself through such traumatic memories.

I absolutely love alot of people in my high school and would smile even after being abused.

A smile does not mean that I do not suffer painful memories though. It means I choose to smile instead of letting hate win.

Those painful memories make thinking clearly extremely hard for me at times and would anyone who went through such trauma.

Other times, it makes me work non-stop just to keep things off of my mind.

What got me through the reality of that abuse, etc. was theatre.

As I watched the musicals,I’d hold onto the fact that shows were coming.

I’d hold onto the fact that I’d see the people on the screen soon and with them I’d be safer.

Rehearsals were on their way and like Harry Potter knew Hogwarts was there, I knew the theatre was there.

I cannot say the same thing about visual art. It was there for me in a different way but my love of visual arts was found in theatre.

I’d watch as the backdrops were painted.In my teens, I’d just stand watching, I never did try painting until later but my inspiration was found in theatre.

I know that I need art in my life to keep me going as it always has though.

Living in Ga. is hugely traumatising to me as it holds so many abusive and hard memories but what helps me go on are my memories made in the arts both theatre and visual arts.

I truly believe the arts will set me free and I am forever grateful for that.

I may never see those musicals again or work with the same talented people I did but I thank each of them for helping me to see that I need to move on to find the next step in my life.

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Angela Taylor