Strong, Thankful, and the Holidays!

Hey peoples!

It’s amazing that it’s Monday again!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Halloween and an amazing Thanksgiving.

I didn’t get to post showing the pumpkin that my parents made for Halloween, so keep reading, you’ll see it here!

Yes, my parents.

As some of you know I have health issues and have been staying with my parents.

 I create art in order to help create awareness each day in my studio.

 Being an entrepreneur is very hard but it’s 100% worth it to let others know that they can too and not to give up.

My health issues are not the only reason for my staying with my parents.

I also feel absolutely no need to explain myself, epilepsy is a part of who I am and I will not hide it.

Even if it is possible for me to not speak of it today.

That is hiding a part of who I am and I simply will not do that.

I also don’t go to support groups, etc. anymore though and want everyone who knows me to know that.

Although it helps to a point, support groups also help me to dwell on my health issues. I am much more than epilepsy though, as anyone is more than their health.

That is why I simply do not go to support groups anymore.

To live my life, I need to think of the things I can do, not dwell on the things I can’t do.

 I am much more than any of the issues that I stand up for!

  I very rarely have seizures now, and actually take care of my parents a lot today.

Anyone who knew me even partially in high school had to have known of my condition.

It was so bad at that time that I was put in the learning disability wing, because I interrupted classes to often having seizures.

I went to the ER so much they already knew my name when I came and a lot of people go to the ER!

I thank those who helped me, nomatter where it was.

 I’ve blacked out a lot of that time, due to pain but those who stood by me during that time honestly are in my heart forever!

I was watching tv. with my parents the other day and the thought came to me that I didn’t even think I’d last this long. I honestly thought that I would be dead by now.

Community Theatre actually took my mind off of the pain I endured in high school.

I was a lot like Harry Potter waiting for Hogwarts to take him back. I was waiting for the next musical to help me escape into my imagination and there I was usually treated what I thought of as normally.

I wouldn’t suggest a 15yr old going to clubs with drinks, etc. but theatre did indeed save my life.

Some in theatre actually tried to protect me from the night life and the messages in musicals, etc. pulled at my heart strings giving me reasons to go on.

At first I sat in a chair, absolutely hating being there. After time went by I grew to love it though!

That being said, if you knew me and say that it was not obvious of the pain I went through, it will be obvious to me and those who kept me alive that you either suffer from losing your memory or you’re lying.

I wish this for everyone who suffers, myself included.

What happened years ago is indeed in the past, but as any abuse victim knows it will be a part of me forever.

What was done to me was done before there were cops in schools. Yet a few times, others witnessed my being abused. I cannot help but wonder why they did not speak up? I hope that today, kids know better and understand what is right and what is absolutely wrong.

 I was on a medication for my epilepsy that made me lose weight and due to that some thought I was attractive, while others called me carrot legs. Kids can be rather cruel.

Some would grab me between my legs while I was walking to class. The person doing it knew my brother though, so it was not believed when spoken about.

One day while in class, the kid behind me grabbed my arms and held them behind my back while whispering a bunch of sexual things in my ear. The whole class looked on watching and laughing as I was being sexually abused, and the teacher just slept through it all.

 That was not the only abuse that I went through at that time. That was then and this is now though. Still, I am amazed that more stories of abuse can be tied to high school, yet only a couple can by tied to theatre.

I will write the fact that I would stand up to those who harmed others too by saying “Go ahead and hit me. I’ll just have a seizure and sue you.”

I wouldn’t suggest that to those in school today, but I am proud of the younger me for standing up to help others when there were not cops to protect us.

 May I find the strength to forgive each and everyone of my abusers.

Moving on, I have to admit that taking care of my parents is only possible when I am not in my studio, as I work when my health does not bother me. This helps me to cope.

Having a place to stay when my health acts up though and knowing that if I am found on the floor 911 can be called is a plus but due to Cannabis Oil that is very rare!

Anyway, here is the pumpkin!

I did create the collage of this, but Les Taylor carved the pumpkin and helped with most of the decorations.

If interested in my creating a personalized collage for you contact:

Only contact if you’re serious!

I actually was looking through my past works and found this article from my very first exhibition!

It to me was a stepping stone and a huge reminder of my ability as a artist.

 I have many issues in my life, but none define who I am as a person or my art.

This exhibition was not long after getting out of my wheelchair! I had much more help at the time though.

Creating reminds me that I am not sure what tomorrow will bring. If we are all honest, nobody is sure of that. I am sure that I have pushed back the pain and worked for years doing what I love though.

I am sure that I haven’t been paid for most of it, but I have gained the experience that many are paid for. If others are paid for their experience, why am I considered unworthy of being paid for mine?

If I had a good paying job, I could buy my freedom.

I could afford to live away from this place of abuse and pain. I will one day to because I have earned it.

This is a reminder that I am not less. That I can, you can, we can!

That I am more than my disabilities, that I am more than my sexuality, etc. That my abusers will not win, because I will not give into the pain that they created! I also won’t give in to the pain my conditions created.

I’ve grown up watching as everyone else could do what I couldn’t, and I can choose to dwell on that.

I am not going to say that along with the abuse my high school days gave was easy. I am not going to say that my not being able to audition for certain roles, etc. didn’t hurt. It did!

I’m thankful for some of my past though. It made me who I am today and for that I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m also hugely thankful for all of those who I have run into along the way.

I am one to believe that everything happens for a reason. I truly believe that I was meant to run into each soul that I have, locally and internationally.  Those I have met and those I haven’t met face to face.

I can dwell on the negative things in my life, or I can have the guts to continue creating. I can continue believing that my story can inspire others to go on. That it can let others know not to give up, and that they aren’t alone. I can try for me, to let others know that they can too, to show those who thought I couldn’t just what I can do, and to be a reminder of how much a blessing life is.

 I can realise that even without my being able to audition for certain things, having a history of abuse, etc. there are many in this world who aren’t blessed enough to even have the chances I have had!

 I can let my abusers win, and be in pain forever.


 I can stay strong, move on and show the world what I’m made of.

I still have bad days, we all do.

 I choose to let others know that they can too and show the world what I’m made of though!

The memories of some people, inspiring words from others, and knowing that I’m saving lives just by continuing to inspire others with my story are what keep me going.

So to each of you who were not silent, thank you for being a part of my life.

The rest, I forgive you because hating you only steals my peace. My peace is the one thing that belongs to me and me alone. I give noone the power to take that away from me.

Last but not least I wanted to post a piece that I made.

2.5″ X 3.5″ and on recycled board as well!

Not every memory is captured on film, but don’t forget it, leaving it to blow away.

We can still hold those memories and words of wisdom in our hearts.



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My Favourite things, and Halloween!

Hey peoples!

 I cannot believe that it’s Monday already!

Add on the fact that it’s only one more day until Halloween and the excitement is beyond words!

Some of my friends have posted some really wonderful things that have to do with Halloween.

I know that some of you may already know about the show I was rehearsing for.

Well, I took so many photos at rehearsals that I simply cannot choose!

That being so, I’m sticking with this one.

It was inspired by Sarah Hagstrom, because that day she wanted people to take pictures showing what they were doing!

 Angela Taylor and Les Taylor


I can share some of the photos taken at the show itself though.

Above is a write up about it for those who do not know.

This is one of myself with the wonderfully talented Laura Dutton!

I truly wish that I had more photos to share with you of the cast.

I don’t at the moment though.

I was wonderfully surprised when Kelie Miley came to see the show!

Kelie directed some shows that I was in as a teenager.

Last but not least!

 This is the last song that we sang, along with a work that I will feature again later!

This work was also inspired by my friend Sarah Hagstrom.

Lyrics from Les Miserables, words adapted by Les Taylor and Laura Dutton.

I know that the words are not huge, so here they are.

  • Do you hear the people sing
  • hoping before it gets to late
  • that we will join as one together now and rid the world of hate.
  • Let us lift eachother up
  • breaking the walls that would divide
  • then we shall face the world together as one with pride.
  • We will live at last in brotherhood and never will forget
  • that the history we share won’t have to be one of regret.
  • The hearts of the people don’t have to be broken just yet.
  • Will you join in our crusade?
  • Who will be strong and stand with me?
  • Somewhere beyond your disappointment is a world you long to see.
  • Do you hear the people sing?
  • Say do you hear the distant drum?
  • It is the future that they bring when tomorrow comes.

Here is another work that I made. I hope that you like it.

2.5″ X 3.5″ and on recycled board as well!

I hope that  you all have a fantastic Halloween!



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Vegan, and art!

Hey peoples!

I wanted to share some vegan foods and art with you all this week!

 No worries smoothie fans, I still make a smoothie a day for lunch.

 I will still be sharing future smoothie recipes, in my book.

I just have to share these with you all!

 Starting with vegan pizza of course!

This pizza had mushrooms, onions, bell peppers and black olives from Papa Murphy’s.

Daiya Monterey Jack cheese and sausage from Lightlife was added before baking it. Eating vegan is not only a healthy but so delicious!!!

I hope that these vegan options will be given at pizza takeouts as they are absolutely amazing!!!

I seriously never thought that I would taste sausage again and have NO idea how Lightlife created these. I absolutely hope that more grocery chains will give the amazing options both Daiya foods, and Lightlife foods give!! They are a must for all!

The next vegan dish that I wanted to share is spaghetti with Lightlife veggie meatballs and follow your heart parmesan cheese! This is a must try as well and is absolutely wonderful.

Onto art!!!

Incase you missed my last post… I made this card that was Inspired by Shakespeare’s tale of Pyramus & Thisbe found in Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

The card that I started to create this week may be just as meaningful.

Then again, it may not. Only time will tell.

 These things tend to create themselves in a way.

I have this so far though…

As far as twitch goes. I’ve decided not to go there anymore.

 There are many formats for live tv, twitch is only one of them.

Twitch is more for gamers, and I feel as if I’m taking away from that community more than adding to it.

I may change my mind, but at the moment I do believe that I should stick with blogging and take it a bit slower.

I’ll do live tv. again when I find another format that works for me and I feel comfortable with it.

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that is in my future though.

I hope that you have a wonderful week!

Thanks for stopping by and hope that you stop by again.



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Recycled Visual Art, Weather and Shakespeare!

Hey peoples!

I hope that you’re having a wonderful monday and have a great week.

In my last post, I shared this..


I am sure that you’re wondering about the answer.

Wonderful news!!! The answer is here on my first card!


I’ve been reading Asimov’s guide to Shakespeare, and was inspired by Shakespeare’s tale of Pyramus & Thisbe found in Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

I added in the red crosses to say love will save this world by healing it.

 Hate will destroy it.

I think that is a perfect message because of what the story of Pyramus & Thisbe is.

I also added a P for Pyramus and a T for Thisbe.

Although, the story of Pyramus & Thisbe is a bit like Romeo and Juliet, it is not exactly the same.

Still, it’s about forbidden love, which is what Romeo and Juliet is about.

The characters also end up the same as Romeo and Juliet.

I will not write everything about it as to not spoil it for those who may not have read about it.

I found it very interesting though!

The weather is cooling down.

Finally almost time to decorate!

I may incorporate that into my works, I may not.

Only coming back to see what I post will let you know.

Unless you follow me elsewhere of course! Which thank you if you do.

You’ll also see me works on Instagram at

and I  also often post on twitter at

I would absolutely welcome any new followers on any of my accounts!

My fan page can be found at

I am not sure about twitch anymore as it is geared towards gamers. I love certain games, but no longer am drawn to them.

I also love my twitch friends, and don’t want to take away from something that helps them.

There are other platforms that are geared towards visual artists. I may try one of them as I do love creating and sharing live so that I can answer any questions, etc.

I have to admit that I’m glad a live audience doesn’t start out of nowhere.

I mentioned rehearsals before. They are going well. 🙂

I am used to being around live audiences.

I just no longer wish to continue being back-stage, as I truly believe there is much more to me.

The fact is also being live on the net is totally different then being live on-stage, live due to a exhibit or posting on a blog.

Being live is new to me, but I want to touch and help create awareness for as many people as possible.

If being live can do that, then being live is what I want to do.

I have not forgotten about ArtCardsUnited or my smoothies.

I’ll share them both in time.





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Family history, stories, Irma and art!

Hey peoples!

There has been so much going on lately.

I do hope that everyone is doing well!

As many of you know Hurricane Irma came here to Georgia. Right when we were getting things back in order after the devastation Hurricane Matthew created too!

I decided to wait it out and went without water, and electricity for a few days.

As many of my followers probably guessed, I lost all food, so had absolutely no smoothies for days.

I was very blessed as it could have been so much worse!

There is believe it or not a beautiful feeling that I get when without power. It’s almost like a memory, which would make sense seeing as when I was younger there were no cell phones, etc.

I was actually talking about that the other day.

On the way here from Seattle, Wa. we drove.

 We being myself, my two brothers, my sister,  my parents, cat and dog.

There was no tv in our van to keep all four kids occupied.

Being the youngest of four kids, I remember very little of that trip. I do remember the trees though.

As soon as we got here that is the first thing that we noticed and the thing that I remember best!

The beautiful trees and the four of us sticking our heads out the window screaming “We’re SOUTHERRRRRNNNN!”

Many of those beautiful trees are gone now, taken by hurricanes.

Sadly trees were not the only things harmed by these hurricanes.

 In Fl. 20 people died due to Irma alone.

After Matthew, there were many without homes, etc. I was blessed then as well.

Above is a collage that I made showing it. A tree hit this house but did not damage my studio/apartment that much.

 Please note this was from Hurricane Matthew NOT Irma! Again, it did not touch my studio/apartment that much.

 I am still working on getting it repaired, as it did crack the ceiling and walls.

My smoothies have been put on hold for the moment.

 No worries people!

I am slowly trying to get back to them.

As for my book, I’m not 100% sure as this completely changed things, but we shall see.

I was also working on a fundraiser for a church next month. That is still underway, as rehearsals are set, etc.

I’m unsure if I can share photos with you all, etc. as I know little about it. I’m sure that I’ll find out in time though and will share if I am able to!

As many of you know Sept. 22nd is the anniversary of my ancestors passing of which I post in memory of her each year.

I’m also trying to get back into creating cards as seen here!

To find out what I will make on them please keep a eye out.

I will be posting that on my blog, instagram, twitter, and my fan page.




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Smoothies, ArtCards,Twitch

Hey peoples! I hope that you had an amazing weekend.

As many of my followers know I make a daily smoothie.

My book of smoothie recipes is still underway and will probably not be out until next year.

Keep an eye out though!

My smoothie this week is

1 1/2 Cups Almond Milk
1 peach
1 cucumber
1 tsp hemp seeds
1 tsp chia seeds
1 tsp Raw cane sugar
1 Cup Spinach
1 Cup blueberries (frozen)
1 Cup strawberries (frozen)

Many of you know that I stream my creating twice a week. What did I create this week you ask?

Well, I created a few things this week.

One is a drawing based on a photo of Kathy Lycka’s. Kathy is an outstanding artist. To see her works go to: You won’t be sorry!

Anyway, here is the before and after of it!

I think that I will add to it though to cover up some of the ink that I got on the page.

To see that please watch my next stream at

Wed. and Fri. 12-6

I’m also working on ACEOs or ArtCards.

 This is a collage of the works I’ve made to share with you all of works that I made during my last stream!

The last one I made to thank a friend, Cathy Holford, for their constant support over the years.

You can read more about Cathy at:

To my ArtCardsUnited fans, I will never give up on ArtCardsUnited! No worries, we will be back when the time is right.

Keep your eyes out! That may be sooner then you think.

To learn more about ArtCardsUnited go to:

About ACU!

Please note that both AngelasArtArea and ArtCardsUnited are under construction at the moment. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

If you are on discord feel free to come check out mine as well at

Please note that I am not able to be as active on discord as other places.

I will comment back to you as soon as possible though.

Until next time.

Have an outstanding week and I will see you next Monday!




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Time, smoothie, twitch!

Hey peoples! I hope that you have a wonderful week.

As many of you know my situation is a tad different. That being so, past events put me in a state of shock.

The lives that I saw it affecting extremely bothered me and the memories it brought back for not just myself but others.

My parents neighbor, Mr. Wingard, recently passed away.

The Wingards have been there for 32years and they have helped my family out in times of great need.

I will forever be grateful for that and will miss Mr. Wingard.

Although I no longer live with my parents I am staying there at the moment.

I often questioned that in the past.

Was I simply being a burden?

Even knowing that I work each day to try and help did not seem to make this question go away.

Walking to my studio one day in order to do my daily works, I ran into Mr. and Mrs. Wingard. I gave both of them a hug, he seemed fine and the next day he was gone.

This is in memory of him because he helped my family when we had a fire years ago.

I know how fast life can be lost. I’ve honestly lived knowing that for years, but that’s knowing that I could lose my life.  It’s different watching someone who I care about lose theirs.

 I can only imagine how his close family must feel! I can say honestly that my heart is with each and every one of them.

I will also miss seeing Jody everyday on WTOC as I miss Jim and Nick.

 Some know her as Jody Chapin but I honest to God know her as one of the amazing people I grew up around.

This is why I often use first names of people. Not to disrespect them, but to respect them. To me, they are much more than their names!
I truly wish that I could turn back time.
I know that’s not possible though.
I can take lemons and make wonderful lemonade with the fact that time has gone by though.
I am truly blessed because due to that, even with hard times in life putting on a smile anyway helped me through them.
May everyone remember that although things may get hard in life, we can always take those lemons and make lemonade.
All that we need to do is remember the good things. Thank you to those who have helped me to do that!
When you do that, you truly win!

2 Cups Lemonade
1 tsp hemp seeds
1 tsp flaxseeds
2 tsp blueberry tea mix
1 orange
1/2 cucumber
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp Coconut extract
1 Cup Mango (frozen)

Blend and drink for a yummy treat or like me a meal replacement.

I’ve been working on sketching and some cards lately. You can see them by watching the replay’s at:

You can also visit me LIVE! I’m on Wed. and Fri. from 12-6!

I also wanted to share some pencils that I sharpened myself. Those who follow me probably know how much I LOVE to share things! Sharpening pencils on your own instead of using a pencil sharpener is probably such a small thing to some but gives a completely different feel to me then using a pencil sharpener.

If you are on discord feel free to come check out mine as well at

Please note that I am not able to be as active on discord as other places.

I will comment back to you as soon as possible though.

Until next time.

Have a great one and I will see you next week!



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Smoothie, Marie Forleo and Van Gogh

Can you believe that it’s Monday already!? I can’t!

Time really goes by fast doesn’t it!?

Here is a smoothie that I made to help you stay cool during these hot days!

2 Cups Almond Milk
1/2 cucumber
1 cup kale
3 Medjool dates
1 tsp hemp seeds
1 tsp flaxseeds
1 tsp sesame seeds
1 tsp blueberry tea mix
2 bananas (frozen)
1 cup Mango (frozen)

Blend and drink for a yummy treat or like me a meal replacement.

I have yet another piece with Gregg Shorthand in it to share!

This piece has the words Unseemly and imperfection in it.

My message is one that I am still learning. I in no way believe that I know everything.

I love creating art as I often don’t know what it will turn out to be. If you follow me, and watch my creative process, you will see that is often the case.

What this piece reminded me of was that often what may present itself in an unseemly manner may seem imperfect to some, yet it may be absolutely perfect to others.

Truly taking the IM out of imperfection and creating perfection.

To find this perfection takes trust and there lay a very huge issue for some, can they trust what their insides tell them or will they forever question it always looking for that perfection?

Speaking of perfection, this makes me think of posting a sketch that I did.

I posted about it in my last post, but just in case you are not following me here it is!

Without ink: With ink:

To learn more about Marie Forleo go to:

I had a talk about Vincent Van Gogh and todays world on my facebook page that was rather interesting to me. That being so, I made a video talking about it. I didn’t go on and on about all of the things I would like to because I was so ill. I am still recovering yet again. Here we go though.

You can see the video here:

Someone mentioned Van Gogh’s shaky handwriting, etc. and I DO have to ask people to think here.

Think hard because can YOU write a straight line when you are ill?

When you have an awful headache and the flu can you still write perfectly?

I’m assuming that you can’t and that being so isn’t it possible that Van Gogh wasn’t mentally ill, but I don’t know epileptic?

He may have had a seizure and was suffering from the side effects from it. Just as you suffer when you have the flu, etc.

Isn’t it possible that those in that society were afraid of what they did not understand and took matters into their own hands?

Nobody could know unless actually there during that time.

History also often repeats itself, but still isn’t that a possibility? Why rule it out just because of the word Epilepsy? Are people still that scared of it?

That being so am I meant to be scared of the truth too and hide my invisible disabilities?

They do not make all of me, but they are a part of who I am and I’ll be damned if I ignore a part of who I am.

If that means that I’m mentally ill, then so freakin’ be it, because I will not hide who I am. Besides there are understanding, kind souls as well who will believe in me and who will believe in you.

I am proud of who I am, anyone who is not proud of who I am is not good for me as I will not hide. I don’t believe anyone should.

I do not believe epilepsy is a mental illness but a neurological condition now known as a disease that causes seizures.

It was actually recently put in the category of a disease. I think that it’s about time honestly.

I’m not going to argue with people who believe that they are right. Epilepsy has been scientifically proven to be a Neurological issue in the brain.

Seizures may create depression…etc. That doesn’t have to do with the seizures themselves though.

 You can choose how you react to having even seizures. It’s harder to react in a positive and helpful way when living in a harder situation. It is not impossible mind you, but harder.

Van Gogh lived in a time where it would be harder to deal with such things.

Falling down convulsing having absolutely no physical control over your body is not a mental illness and should not be treated as one. A person can die from epilepsy just like the many other diseases that are well known.

 Why is that very rarely noted? Not that it should be talked about constantly, but this is why I can personally relate to many who have different illnesses.

When I fall down and beat myself up during a seizure it’s not all in my head. That is a physical illness, it doesn’t mean that I have seizures constantly and am unable to live my life as others live theirs.  It means that those who assume that are discriminating against me and those who do not give me the same opportunities as others are also discriminating against me.

I have a life to live people, why not let me live it?

 I can be happy…I can be full of joy, etc. I just know from personal experience that this earth is a gift and a blessing.

I am not going to say that getting ill doesn’t create harder times. That it doesn’t make it hard to understand things, harder to get out of bed, etc. on certain days.

It does not mean that I can’t do anything though. It does not mean that I don’t know how to have a conversation with someone.

 That I can’t sit down just like everyone else.

It also does not mean that you can touch me and get Epilepsy. You don’t get it from drinking after me, etc. either. Geesh!

How is anyone supposed to learn how to talk with others if never given the opportunity due to judgment based on fear?

They won’t learn how to communicate with others if hidden away.

That reminds me of Emily Dickinson and how her family kept her hidden away for years.

What wonderful things were kept from the world and all due to fear.

That’s a different topic, although I do believe that there is debate over her being epileptic as well.

It was in her family and she did take medication.

I try not to talk about my conditions all the time as I am much more then what is on the outside. I believe everyone is. You can’t tell the this much in my latest posts, but I do believe everyone is much more.

This is what I think those who crush others dreams can do.

Please do me this one favour. Believe in yourself and know that you are much more then others could ever dream of and they can go fuck a doodle doo if they don’t see that.

Thank you to those who have helped me to see that I shouldn’t give up on my dreams. That I am a human being worthy of care just like every human being is.

 As see here I can create advertisements rather well.

If given what is needed to create those advertisements with.

That being so I do believe that any art community anywhere I lived would be lucky to have me as I could advertise up the ass for them, which would only gain people clients.

I may be epileptic but I sure as heck can do that. You can also see all of my art history, etc. on linkedin at

Please also feel free to stop by to see the making of my works or to visit me live go to:

Wed. & Fri.


If you are on discord feel free to come check out mine as well at

Please note that I am not able to be as active on discord as other places.

I will comment back to you as soon as possible though.

That’s all for this week.

Have a great one and I will see you next week!



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4th of July, Marie Forleo, and ArtCardsUnited!

Happy Monday!

I hope that everyday has been a beautiful dream come true for you.

I sound just like a Hallmark card or something but I absolutely mean it.

If you’ve been keeping track of what has been happening with me, I’m sure you’ve read that I have been recovering.

Recovering from what?

A seizure of course, but due to the healing properties found in Cannabis Oil, I am recovering well.

If Medical Marijuana were legal in all forms here I would be the first to take it. It honestly breaks my heart knowing that this medication is being kept from patients like myself.

What right does anyone have in doing that? The chance at living healthier and happier lives has been taken from us. How is that right?

Do those who wish for us to live in a place that does not give every medical option available today truly want us to live?

If doctors truly went to medical school to give patients every option that may save their lives, why aren’t all doctors working to give us that freedom? That is their job!


Why aren’t those who give directions to doctors giving them the right to prescribe medications like this easily?

Smoothies help as well, yes you heard me right! Smoothies help a great deal!

No worries my friends!

The show must go on, so I will be posting this week and absolutely happy due to it.

I have some wonderful things to share.

 One is a smoothie that I made!

This is a fast one, but everyone wants that on the go glow that comes from energy!

What better way to get energy but from a daily smoothie!

2 Cups Almond Milk
1 cucumber
1 Apple
2 Cups grapes
1 tsp blueberry tea mix

Blend and drink for a yummy treat or like me a meal replacement.

I did not tell you all what the words in the works that I showed in my last post featuring Gregg Shorthand were. I wanted to see if someone guessed them.

The first word is savable.

The second word is positive and the third word is prospective.

I featured two works though, so will show the other one next week!

In my last post I mentioned that I was going to make a sketch from a photo Marie Forleo posted of a flower. Here it is!

I haven’t decided if I am going to leave it as is or ink it. We shall see what the future holds.

To learn more about Marie Forleo go to:

Those who have been following my work may know that I create ACEOs and work with others to give opportunities to ACEO artists.

One is Gioia Albano who has been helping me to keep up with ArtCardsUnited.

You can read more about her at:

As a thank you I made this long ago..

It features both of our works. They are both 2.5” X 3.5”

The one showing the faceless female and peace is hers and the one with the medical marijuana and peace in it is mine.

I believe in creating awareness of strong females, the health benefits of medical marijuana, and working on climate change will help this world find peace.

 Why do I say work on Climate change and not stopping it or ending it?

I believe that we can live for today and we can make this a better world.

I DO believe that is possible. That the people believing in themselves is possible.

That is needed now, nature is begging for it.

I do not believe that we can magically change history though.

I believe that we can believe in ourselves.

I also believe in science though and  that we can find a middle so that we can live for today.

In my eyes, it is time to do just that.

I believe that we can stand up in many different ways.

I choose to do so with art.


Because art isn’t as pushy.

I am not scared to be in a rally or to march.

The fact is some get rude, etc. and that often turns people who would otherwise help away.  This world doesn’t need that, in my eyes it needs every living soul willing to help another.

At the same time it desperately needs people to believe in themselves to that extent. The people need to know that their voices matter. Their voices created every single seat that is in politics today. They need to remember that.

Those who wish to create something based on a belief, etc. can do so in art.

Sometimes people need a place away from the harmful things going on in the world today and that too can be found in art.

Art saves like that and that is why I truly love it.

 Some people wish to look away from what is going on today.

 The thing that I would ask them is what will looking away from an issue do for it?

If that issue gets worse due to your looking away from it and not helping what will that do for you?

Will that help you or are we all actually one in the bigger picture, making looking away actually harmful to you?

I personally believe we are all one and all matter.

In my eyes people have abused this planet and there is no taking that back.

 This planet belongs to all of us and it is our responsibility to help it in order to make our lives better and help future generations.

  Either way, I do not wish to make this all about my personal beliefs because that is pushing them on others.

I wish to keep this mainly about art.I don’t know if I will be able to do that, but I sure as heck will try!

That being so please feel free to stop by to see the making of my works or to visit me live go to:

Wed. & Fri.


If you are on discord feel free to come check out mine as well at

Please note that I am not able to be as active on discord as other places.

I will comment back to you as soon as possible though.

That’s all for this week.

Have a great one and I will see you next week!



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Smoothies, Gregg Shorthand and ArtCardsUnited!

Happy Monday peoples!

I hope that you have a great week.

I have a few things to share with you this week!

It’s really been hot lately but here comes the sun, so I’m really not surprised. Still, do you need something to cool yourself off!?!?

If so why not try a smoothie!

Here’s one just for that! YUM!

Ingredients donated by Les Taylor

2 Cups Lemonade
2 mandarin oranges
1/2 cucumber
1 tsp hemp seeds
1 tsp blueberry tea mix
2 tsp Coconut oil
2 Cups Kale
2 Cups Mixed fruit (frozen)


Blend and enjoy!

I also wanted to share with you all what I’ve made while on twitch this week!

I made a sketch of Claire who I featured in my last post as well.


As some who have been following me may know, I am not a portrait artist.

Still I wanted to try this. I am not sure if I will ink it or just leave it as is. What are your thoughts? Let me know here or private message me. I appreciate all comments and will get back to you as soon as possible.

This week I’m going to TRY sketching a photo that Marie Forleo posted of a flower!

Keep your eyes open for that one! I’m sure that those who follow me know how much I adore Marie Forleo!

That being so I follow her on Instagram and commented asking if I could sketch a picture she posted.

 I didn’t expect a answer!

Still, I got one!!! How awesome is that!!!? It totally blew me away.

To learn more about Marie Forleo go to:

To see Claires works go to:

Feel free to make any suggestions as well.

I am not one to believe that I know everything and would love any help in this area.

Some who have been following me may know that I’ve also been working on ACEOs!

  ACEOs or Art, Cards, Edition and Originals are 2.5″ X 3.5″

I’ve decided to go back to calling my cards ACEOs as ArtCards implies different sizes, etc. Although I absolutely don’t mind different sizes. I own ArtCardsUnited, which has one rule, that rule is size. I can’t use the term artcard if it will imply that we don’t have that rule. I don’t want anyone to get confused by my actions.

It’s very important to me that everyone know ArtCardsUnited does not judge based on who sells, who trades, religions, sexual orientations, race, or disability. If you wish to learn more about ArtCardsUnited visit:

     If you have any suggestions for ArtCardsUnited please contact me at

Here are a couple banners that I made based on them.

Please feel free to let me know what you think!

They also feature Gregg Shorthand leave me a message here or privately to guess what they may say!

Keep a eye out!

I will be posting the answers in my next post.

Here we go though…

Hints: This has three words. All three can be found in the writing above.

Here is the other one.

I actually thought that I had written a different word in this one.

Still, the actual word fit perfectly, so I left it as is.

Hint: This one is two words and can be found in this writing.

Both are on recycled paper and 2.5” X 3.5”

To see the making of my works or to visit me live go to:

Wed. & Fri.


If you are on discord feel free to come check out mine as well at

Please note that I am not able to be as active on discord as other places.

I will comment back to you as soon as possible though.

Have a wonderful week peoples.



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