New Hair cut, birthday and smoothies!

Hi everyone!

I hope that you’re having a wonderful week!

I just got some wonderful gifts from Lucia Stewart. Some of you may know her as the creator of Stressie. I love that character so and had to share this wonderful collage that I made to thank her! I hope that you all like it.

Another great gift that I got for my birthday was a haircut. My Aunt Sharon helped with this. <3  I wanted to share it as well! Here it is! It’s so much easier when it is this short! Also it’s perfect for this weather.

I went to 40 Volume Salon & Spa after seeing Shannon Kuanfung Zaller post about it.

Thanks Shannon!!! 🙂 <3

This is my hair dresser Lindsey KilPatrick from 40 Volume Salon & Spa!

She did an amazing job. I highly recommend her. 🙂

As some may know I’ve also been trying Kris Carr’s green smoothies! I’m in her challenge to have a green smoothie a day! Here’s a collage that I made of what I have so far. If you’ve been keeping track, you’ve seen my posts on each of them. 🙂

You can learn more at

I know what you’re thinking. I didn’t mix up the first one correctly right?

I’m still learning but it was still REALLY good!

Plus, I had a HUGE mess to clean up when starting this. When your smoothie goes everywhere ya figure out that you didn’t put the blender together correctly. Ha!

I forgot to tighten it the right way, but thank heavens I had my eyes open and stopped it in time!

Let’s just keep that one between you and I. 😉 I know that I can trust you. 🙂

These smoothies really make me feel great!  I know that I mention them alot in my posts but I have to thank Marie Forleo for introducing me to Kris Carr who has been absolutely wonderful in sharing healthy beneficial recipes in her books, etc.! I really can’t thank them enough!

  I’m not celebrating my birthday this year. After being called an ass by my own father, I don’t feel like going out to eat with him….such is life. Anyone else though, just let me know!

Either way,I think having a smoothie and my new hair cut will make my birthday the best one ever!

Have a wonderful week people! Off to yoga I go!!! 🙂



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Passover, yoga and a story!

Hey everyone!!!

I hope that you had a Happy Passover and are having a Happy Easter. 🙂

Some people were asking about my yoga. I do yoga every morning and night or I try to anyway. 🙂 It helps me stretch and relax. I don’t do really HUGE yoga workouts; I just do what helps me to relax.

I also do not overdo it. You can feel all of your muscles in yoga and you learn about your body. Exactly where you are, etc. It’s amazing!

This is what I clean my yoga mat with. It’s very important to stay as sanitary as you can. Cleaning your mat once a week helps you to do that.

I use it on my pillows as well. What can I say? I’m a bit odd like that.

You all should check this out seriously! It’s a wonderful product! Go to:


You won’t be sorry!


I want to share a story with you…

 I was at a store when it was implied that I am just learning yoga. The checker had a look as if to say I’ll believe that one when I see it.

A part of me knew that she was one of those people who let her concern turn into negative vibes.

There are people who are worse than I am. There are things that I can’t do, but I am blessed beyond words for the things that I can do.

I also can’t concentrate on what I can’t do. I can’t concentrate on my pain, etc.

I did for years and it just increased it. That turns people away and makes living extremely hard.

Many people wish to live in that negativity and I do not judge because life is hard.

I just do not wish to join anyone in negativity as it will only keep me from living a life of peace and love.

People seriously need to see how dangerous it is to help others dwell on the things they can’t do or the bad things in their life.

It’s like saying “Here ya don’t have a reason to give up. Let me share one with ya.”

People today need to think of what they can do, and the blessings in their life.

This is why I’m not shy about sharing my disability because I’ll remind them with a smile just how blessed they are.

Those who are disabled and those who aren’t should remember, because life should be cherished.

I mentioned that I do yoga every morning and night.  This is absolutely true because it helps me and I hope that my mentioning it helps others by getting them to practice yoga as well.

Yoga is the same as physical therapy, it’s just worded differently and more relaxing.

When you are in the physical health to feel good about yourself, you are less likely to be hurtful to others.

How do I know this? Well, I would know that because I went through physical therapy. As many of you know I’ve been in a wheelchair as my left side was temporarily paralyzed after brain surgery for epilepsy.

You can’t tell to look at me now, and I can choose not to write about it at all. I’ve thought about that because of all the judgment that I get based on my disability.  It honestly still tears at my heart, but I know now that it’s not my fault.

I know that if I hide that away, I am living a lie and not living being proud of who I am.

I am a disabled, bi, vegan, female, medical marijuana advocate and damn proud of it!

People do really small things like the checker that I mentioned. People take advantage of my kindness and assume that I don’t have a physical disability. People have done some really hateful things to me that I won’t really get into if not for one reason, it’s another though. I could go on and on. Why do that though, why let others hate overtake me and win!

Some wonder why they should help another person.

I think they should ask themselves if they want others to give up thinking nobody cares or if the fact that some don’t care in this world is enough motivation for them to prove that they do care.

The main thing is that bothers me a bit is I should have local friends who truly believe in my working for the arts by now.

Having the experience that I have, I shouldn’t only have to work for others in order for people to smile and be supportive.

It may be because I really stink at communication, but if that were the case people could get some guts and contact me. I don’t bite.

Either way thank you to those who have inspired me and helped me be who I am.

Nobody can honestly be an entrepreneur and not have not only alot of talent but know that ya win some, ya lose some. I was reminded of that today when watching a video of someone. Trust me too….you’ll lose alot! All along the way what will help is reminding yourself of your dream. Remind yourself of what it feels like when a part of your dream comes true.

In my case part of it is helping others with my art and I have to remind myself what that feels like. When someone lets me know that I have helped them by not giving up and inspired them to go on it blows my mind. It touches my heart so much there are simply no words. I can’t let one event, one bad moment stop that. If I do, I stop helping others.

I truly believe that we are all on this earth for a purpose.

As wonderful Marie Forleo says “Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams because the world needs that special gift that only you have.”

As Ellen DeGeneres says “Be Kind.”



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Kilroy update!!!

Hey you guys! I hope that you’re having a wonderful weekend. I’m sure you know if you’ve been following me that I’m trying to blog more. I’ve been telling you about my Ellen DeGeneres Kilroy project! Well time to celebrate because it’s finally finished!!!

Here it is…ready!?





Not a wonderful picture I know but I figure whatever.

For those who don’t know what a Kilroy is, a Kilroy is an American meme. It became popular during World War II; it is typically seen in graffiti. It is usually a man, but my being an Ellen DeGeneres fan she became the first FEMALE Kilroy!!! 🙂 *GRINS*

Anyway, I put a coat of mod podge on it after it fell down. For those who don’t know mod podge dries clear and give a glossy feel.

I didn’t do the hands right as one has a bit more space than the other. It also shows what held it up before Hurricane Matthew knocked it down. I am truly blessed though as my studio wasn’t harmed. It could have been too, but the tree that fell near it, fell the opposite way. I’m not sure who or what to thank for that but thank you. 🙂

The rest of the house was only partially harmed as a tree fell on it.

I must also write a bit about my morning yoga!

It is turning out to be a wonderful way to start the day!

This post is short but sweet. Hoping you all are having a great weekend.

Talk to you next week!



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Better late than never…

Hey peoples!

I’m a little late this in posting, due to allergies. I swear this weather is a killer. This is one of the reasons but not the only one for my being vegan.  It’s not for everyone and I don’t judge. It’s best for me though as I am allergic to so much which brings me to some of the things I plan on talking about in this post! One is what I found at Walmart! Here are some pictures for you. Quaker oatmeal, microwaveable and NON DAIRY! Here are three flavors for you. I took pictures of the ingredients for my vegan friends who would be interested in that. The pictures ended up rather fuzzy though. I hope that you can make them out.

I also have to mention the fact that there is a bit of chewing with these. Not much, but some. I have my good days and bad days, so some days I can chew a bit. Other days well…that’s why I just try to stay away from chewing at all right now.

I got some Dr.McDougall’s Hemp Peach oatmeal before going to Walmart. That is also dairy free and absolutely NO chewing! That’s wonderful for me as I had grits for breakfast for days until I got this online! The option to get even more at Walmart blew me away!

For those who have been following I wanted to share my Ellen DeGeneres Kilroy again!

For those who don’t know what a Kilroy is, a Kilroy is an American meme. It became popular  during World War II; it is typically seen in graffiti. It is usually a man, but my being an Ellen DeGeneres fan she became the first FEMALE Kilroy!!! 🙂 *GRINS*

Anyway,  I’m working on this and put a coat of mod podge on it!

It dries clear and gives a glossy feeling. Almost as if water is on top of it only dry!

The problem was it made her face curl so I had to put things on top of it in order to weigh it down. Still the glue that I used I either put too much or it just wasn’t the right glue because it ate through it! I’m still trying to decide how to hang her as it wasn’t such a huge issue that I could not use it.

See! It went right through but didn’t touch my Ellen drawing whatsoever, which is BEYOND awesome!!!

I cannot wait until she’s up! 🙂

Hope that you all have a wonderful week!



P.S. To those who follow ArtCardsUnited. It wasn’t mentioned much in this post because I’m trying to give myself a break. It’ll be back, no worries! 🙂 Creating art is very helpful to me though so I need to concentrate on my health right now.


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Ellen DeGeneres Kilroy!

Hey peoples!

I hope that you’re having a great weekend! I figured that I’d post again. It’s helpful to me in keeping up with what’s going on, etc.

As many of you know I made a Ellen DeGeneres Kilroy years ago to put over my door!

Here she is…I REALLY need to update her, so I am working on that.

For those who don’t know what a Kilroy is, a Kilroy is an American meme. It became popular  during World War II; it is typically seen in graffiti. It is usually a man, but my being an Ellen DeGeneres fan she became the first FEMALE Kilroy!!! 🙂 *GRINS*

Anyway,  I’m working on this and will post more to share with you all!

She was torn down due to Hurricane Matthew and has been down ever since as there is always something going on here.

Good thing for art and thank God for artists that smile etc. in their pictures as that is what many need today.

There are many things going on in my life, but there are also many things going on in others lives. We all matter. Anyway, I hope that you like my post!



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Health and the arts!

Hey people! I know! I haven’t posted in days. I’m going to try to post more. Starting to do that I want to share a video that I made with you! Please let me know what you think!


This one is short and sweet…just wanted to share this video with you all. 🙂 Have a great weekend and a wonderful week. 🙂




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Jenn Chung, Mondays Memories, etc.!

Hey peoples!

I know, I know… I haven’t made a post for you all in FOREVER!

I’m REALLY active on facebook in my facebook group which you can find at

This group is not only my art! It is not all about me, I just run it and am thinking of charging as facebook is not the only area that ArtCardsUnited is on.

It also takes alot of work to help advertise for so many talented artists and I want to be able to continue giving them the opportunities that I do.

I also allow my members to stand up with their art for many things.

All of these can be found on our new website at:

Art in my opinion is needed today more then ever. This world has many bad things going on and what better way to help others but by spreading joy?  I made a video that I would like to share on this topic.


You can read more about me at

Fan Page:

You can learn more about my group ArtCardsUnited

Fan Page:

This is a card that I made. I wanted to share it!

Jenn3 (2)

Artist: Angela Taylor
Size: 2.5″ X 3.5″
Date: 1-31-2017
Created on recycled cards.
Portrait of Jenn Chung

Jenn Chung is a great coach. She’s not just a business coach but a life coach. She helps with many issues!

To join her group and get the help that you need to go:

I also wanted to share this weeks Mondays Memories with you!!!


This Mondays Memories features the amazing artwork of Pat Carlson!
To see more of Pat Carlson works go to:
There are no words that can express the joy of creating awareness for such talent!
This is why I am going to start charging for membership.
I put in hard work creating opportunities for artists to advertise their works.
Others charge so why haven’t I been charging?
Why haven’t I seen that I am just as worthy of pay as the many outstanding people who work today?
Please feel free to join our fan page:
Our Instagram page:
Our twitter is:
Our main page is:
Please consider helping ArtCardsUnited (ACU) create awareness that helps the visual arts to grow with a generous contribution or by donating your talent and time!
$100.00- Banner as thanks for this generous help!
$150.00- Personalized Banner and free invitation to ACU events!
If you are interested in being a part of helping the visual arts to grow please contact
To continue giving the artists that I do opportunities, I have to hire help and to pay them I have to start charging.
What are your thoughts!?

Lastly, I was challenged by Casey Klahn to create self-portraits.

I met Casey years ago when I just started blogging!

You can see more of Casey Klahn’s work  at: or

I hope that you each have a wonderful week!!!



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ArtCardsUnited update…

Due to events in my life, I missed Monday Memories. No worries though, it’ll be back next Monday. 🙂 Here is a picture that I took to share. As seen in the picture, I do have medical conditions, I just do not dwell on them or try not to.

You can read about them on my site at: if you are interested.  Why do I talk about them? I talk about them to create awareness, and help others. To let them know that they aren’t alone.

Why do I choose not to dwell on them? The answer to that one is easy! If I dwell on my conditions, it seems extra hard to live. If I think of the beautiful things to be grateful for in this world, I realize life is worth living.What I choose to think of is completely up to me. Those around me may not see this, and are in denial of such reality. I’m no follower though, I am a leader!


I read some great news about the legalization of Medical Marijuana in FL. and other places! Now if only Ga. would follow their lead!

May children suffering from illnesses of all kinds be helped by the healing properties found in marijuana and given the chance to at least legally try a medication that may help their quality of life.

I will be completely honest. I have thought seriously about my wanting to work. Why? Mainly because I have been asked by my coach and others.I also hear so many negative things locally about my trying to follow my dreams it would be rather naive of me if I didn’t take them into account.

My physically NOT being able to see made me realize just how hard it is for those in the arts today who are blind. They don’t let the things being disabled takes away stop them. That being so, who do I think I am to even consider giving up on my dreams!?! Seriously Who!?

I can’t just think of myself, and send the message to others that it’s ok to give up on your dreams. I don’t completely understand how anyone could be ok with sending that message, but really to each their own.

Years ago, I asked for local help from an artist friend of mine who is also disabled. I figured that if anyone would understand she would. All I got from her was negativity about how I didn’t fully understand what is involved in such things. Thinking back she was probably just trying to protect me. In all honesty, some who are disabled can’t take the level of stress that comes with being an artist. She most likely has heard all of that negativity as well, and only from others who care about her. To stop someone due to their disability is wrong though. I know when my disability acts up it can be rather hard. That confuses many, and they judge me due to that among other things. I am not one to give up on my dreams and I am not one to pass on the message that others should give up on theirs. Although, honestly that did cut my heart up and make me consider it. I look up to many people in the arts, but there is not one soul who I look up to and love more. Due to that they shall remain nameless.

I think that some people forget what it was like to have a dream like that, especially if they have alot of people to back them up helping them. Many forget what took their mind off of the pain of reality? What was and is therapy for them. How although everyone is 100% deserving of such things, many have to believe in themselves and not give up. Many have to work to make their dreams a reality. Unless they marry someone who makes their dreams a reality that is, and I’m just not willing to do that any longer.

Her marriage was actually my rock after surgery. I was unable to attend her wedding of course due to hospitalization, but I’d listen to the cd from her wedding over and over. It gave me something to hold onto and comforted me on my many hard days. She gave me something to hold onto, let me know that I wasn’t alone and later broke my heart telling me in a round about way to give up on my belief.  I learned though that it’s ok. That’s a part of life, not everyone is going to believe in you. You have to be strong enough to push on through, and keep going. One of the things I learned and am very grateful for is not to believe in others so easily. Plus, her brother helped me to put things in perspective.

Due to that, I have absolutely NO regrets.

Now I realize how much of a fantasy world I was in. Although I respect married couples, I no longer wish to give my freedom to another, and now know marriage isn’t for me.

If you believe in anything  enough to follow it, follow the light that’s inside of you. Let that light shine for the world to see, and don’t let anyone put that light out.

In all honesty many locals have been rather negative, but not all of them. In fact some have put smiles on my face, and helped alot. Those are the people who I choose to concentrate on, but I also have a coach to help me remember the GOOD things in life to be grateful for.

I understand the questioning of can she handle it? To be honest, and I’m being 100% honest here. I grew up watching everyone do what I couldn’t, and I had to get used to it. I had to learn to be happy for everyone no matter what. I had to suck it up, and take it like a big girl. If I can handle that, I can handle the world of the arts.

The fact that I grew up in the arts does not mean that I grew up with the freedom that comes with driving or not going to the ER when everyone else was at the prom. It does not mean that I don’t have memories of being taken away on a stretcher in high school. It also doesn’t mean that I don’t have memories of people acting like they were having a seizure and laughing. What it does mean is when I was on meds that made me stop eating, etc. I still went to rehearsals after school. The fact that medication killed people and was taken off the market didn’t matter. The fact that I could suck it up and take it like a big girl did. My view is a little odd here so I shall NOT say a name but I will say THAT IS sucking it up and taking it like a big girl when alot of people would have given up.

I’ve also had directors offer me wonderful opportunities, only to forget them. Ya know what though, that’s life, and as crazy as some may think it is I still absolutely love them. Those experiences made me stronger. Yes I was drinking at 15yrs old when one sip could get me drunk, but everyone in the arts knows that there is a good side and a bad side to most situations. The good out ways the bad and I personally will never forget that. My past is in my past, I can cry about it or I can learn from it. I choose to forgive, learn from it, and move forward.

Although Cannabis Oil is helping me to remember some things that I would much rather forget, it is also helping me to deal with many things that NOT dealing with keeps me from living. By not having the ability to remember, the ability to move on was taken away from me. Cannabis Oil gave me that ability and the medical field should know that taking away the ability to think keeps people from moving on, and living. How anyone can do that, I do not know. All I know is even with my last seizure, I was blind, and now I see.

I know the risks of what I do, and to be honest I’m scared of them. I can deal with whatever comes, and whatever doesn’t come. I do know that I want to be in the arts forever though. I also know that my freedom costs money that I do not have at the moment, but I will keep believing until I make it. Not just me, but for all of those who need someone to stand and let them know that they aren’t alone. I just don’t want to be one of those big named movie stars. No offense, I’m also not 100% impressed by them anymore. The only actors actions that have impressed me would be Leonardo DiCaprio’s actions helping to end Climate Change, and help the world. I’m not saying he’s not talented, but I am saying that type of talent can only do so much. No offense to Leo, but there are also a great number of people with that amount of talent who are complete and total jerks.In all actors defense though, the same goes for anyone with talent. They often use that talent to get just what they want.

In all honesty, I found that sort of talent/looks completely attractive when I was younger. I was to blind to even notice or care about the jerk part. How many teens actually care about REAL actions anyway? Show them that much talent, add looks and that’s more then enough for some. It’s HUGELY SAD! That’s why today, although it’s attractive, onscreen is no longer enough. It’s up to the actors how they use that talent, and he has used it for the absolute correct reasons in my book. The question is will he continue to do so? His actions make me want to watch Before the Flood again. Before the Flood shows us how climate change affects our environment and what society can do to help stop the demise of endangered species, ecosystems and native communities across the planet. Written by: Mark Monroe Director: Fisher Stevens Released on: October 21, 2016

I highly recommend it!

One of the good things can be found in movies made solely for entertainment reasons can be found in Finding Never land with Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Dustin Hoffman, and Julie Christie. Finding Never land is about the life of a storyteller and the people who inspired his masterwork Peter Pan. Well-known playwright James M. Barrie (Depp) finds his career at a crossroads when his latest play flops and doubters question his future. Then by chance he meets Sylvia Liewelyn Davies (Winslet) and her four adventurous boys. Together they form a friendship that awakens the imagination needed to produce Barrie’s greatest work. Even more importantly, the imagination brought to life by James M. Barrie (Depp) helps Sylvia Liewelyn Davies (Winslet) get through a very hard and traumatic time in her life. The therapeutic techniques found in art are just astounding. The story of Finding Never land is one that I’ve written about before. Still, I wanted to share it again as I believe that it goes beyond words in expressing how the middle should be found. Imagination is needed in times of trauma, but too much imagination actually denial can be beyond harmful.

I believe that people are often in denial when reality is too hard and painful to face.

My reality is I don’t know 100% that I’ll make it each night. Sometimes I wish James M. Barrie would come to life and make me a Never land. My reality is one that I’m sure I understand, but not one that I believe everyone in my life understands. Understand this if you can…my never land is ArtCardsUnited.

The thing that I’ve recently learned is my Never land wouldn’t only be based on imagination. My Never land would help to save this world. ArtCardsUnited is going to stand up for all different things. The great thing is, I don’t have to have the abilities many have at birth to stand up digitally. What I can’t physically do multiplies the beauty of what I can do. That being so, I’ve turned my disabilities into abilities! If I can do it, you can too. We can all find that light that we hold, and work together to make the world a better place.



Artist: Cathy Holford

Lastly…..I had to share this with you. My very talented friend Cathy Holford made this outstanding work for me! It came at the perfect time! I needed a smile, and a little magic to remind me to keep spreading my wings to fly! May everyone do the same. Let’s let our lights shine!








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Great news, and Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone!

I have some wonderful news that I wanted to share! I am working with an outstanding coach! Her names Anna Kowalczyk Slowy, and I’ve joined her group Achieving Your Legacy as well. She asked if everyone would introduce themselves, and share their favorite photo.I wanted to share it with you all, so this is what I posted.

Hey everyone!

My names Angela Taylor. I own AngelasArtArea which is my art. Whenever I sell something a portion of it goes to the causes or non-profit of my choice. I also own ArtCardsUnited, which is a place where artists from around the globe have the freedom to sell, trade, and set their own prices on their 2.5” X 3.5”art cards. ArtCardsUnited is sponsored by AngelasArtArea and due to that creates awareness of many different issues.
The logo for ArtCardsUnited is pink, purple and blue, which stands for bi-sexuality. This helps the B in LGBT stand out a bit more.
I’ve posted my favorite picture. It was taken last year, after I found out that my grandmother had passed. I knew that she would have wanted me to remember the good things that I got from her. One was strength to keep going, so I went in remembrance of her.

Hat made by, and attendance in memory of: Nathalie Taylor 1926-2015
Jewelry made by: Angela Taylor
Necklace dedicated to: Ginny McIntosh
Painting dedicated to: Julian Lennon

I will miss going to the Jepson each year, and wish them well. That will be my last time attending though. That is my favorite picture, due to the fact that I found the strength to be there.

On another note I have also joined the Conquer Club for 2017!

I can’t wait to find out wonderful new things that will help my businesses, not to mention the fact that I will be working with some very talented people yet again! I can not believe this dream has come true! I am so excited.

I also started ArtCardsUnited again. ArtCardsUnited is a place where artists from around the globe have the freedom to sell, trade, and set their own prices on their 2.5” X 3.5”art cards. ArtCardsUnited is sponsored by AngelasArtArea and due to that creates awareness of many different issues.
The logo for ArtCardsUnited is pink, purple and blue, which stands for bi-sexuality. This helps the B in LGBT stand out a bit more.

I have lost many members due to this, but it is letting me know who REALLY wants to be there, and who’s just saying that.  I figure that it’s more important and meaningful to have only a couple true supporters then 1000 fans that aren’t true supporters.
Each month, ArtCardsUnited members will create a 2.5” X 3.5” work based on the theme of the month chosen by everyone. This month’s theme is Halloween of course!

Although ArtCardsUnited is a family friendly group it is for 18yrs and above. I do allow nude art, as there is nothing to be ashamed of about the human body. I do not allow sexual actions or inappropriate comments.

I’ve made these for them!

Please join in the fun. $15/ticket for more information go to our Halloween page by clicking this image or contact:


This is an example of what the winner gets along with a badge. I intend on making this with an image of the winning piece.

I also want to share Monday Memories with you all!

As many may remember ArtCardsUnited picked a card of the day in the past. Those who won card of the day had their work featured. This took time, and energy to create, but it was very fun to create an opportunity like that for other artists, and seeing them so happy. I intend to continue creating opportunities like these.

I’m keeping Monday Memories of course to feature those loyal members who would benefit from the opportunity to shine once more. Posting Monday Memories is also a thank you to each person. The 24th Monday Memories featured the amazing Lynn Mersinger Reeder!

lynnmersingerreederI hope that everyone has a wonderful Halloween! I can’t wait to feature the members work chosen to feature on Halloween! I would tell you all, but to find out you must look at next weeks post!!!

I am currently looking for an assistant, as there is alot to do when it comes to both AngelasArtArea™ and ArtCardsUnited. Please contact me at: if interested.






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Let’s help Hurricane Matthew victims!

Hey everyone!

    I haven’t been posting every week, due to some personal issues. As some may know Savannah got hit hard by Hurricane Matthew. Sadly my studio was hit, I made a collage to share with you all. I am staying somewhere else until further notice, but no worries! I will be here to work each weekday.


You should really see the damage to other homes, etc. it’s terrible! Anyone who works with wood, please contact those in Savannah, and areas affected by Hurricane Matthew. The amount of wood is amazing, because so many trees were hit. Better to recycle it then throw it away! Any artists willing to help with recycled art PLEASE contact

and other places affected by Hurricane Matthew that help.  There are some without places to live; their homes were taken away by Hurricane Matthew. Let’s help!!!

I’ve been trying to keep my mind off of not only my surgery, and health issues. Hurricane Matthew actually helps me in a way as there are many others to think of, and to try to help.

Keeping up with ArtCardsUnited is also helping with that, as it usually does when I need a break from thinking of the harsh realities of life. I don’t have enough time to dwell on the sad issues in my life when I have so many to make happy through both ArtCardsUnited, and AngelasArtArea™. Some may think that it’s too much for someone in my health, but actually it’s a life saver. It truly brings the definition of art therapy to life.

That being so I’m still holding a Halloween event for ArtCardsUnited at:


Tickets are only $15 this leaves it open to all! I am also working on a website for ArtCardsUnited, but please note that it’s under construction at the moment.


We need much more then $15/ticket if anyone wishes to be paid as web designers, etc. are not cheap. Nothing is impossible though, and I refuse to give up. Support the arts, and all causes, etc. that we stand for today purchase a ticket!  How does ArtCardsUnited support causes you ask?

That’s easy! ArtCardsUnited is an art community, giving opportunities to visual artists, and musicians. Opportunities are only given to musicians when a video is made featuring the artwork created by members, but still it gives them an opportunity to feature their work. The logo is pink, purple and blue in support of bi-sexuality, so it is constantly creating awareness of bi-sexuality. Although ArtCardsUnited isn’t a political community it stands up for the rights AngelasArtArea™ does. Each theme is usually made to make another happy, and is created based on either a colour that creates awareness of an illness, etc. or to make someone smile bringing some PeAcE into the world. This says no illness, etc. means more or is worthy of awareness more then another. Instead of finding what there is that divides us; why not find what unites us? That is the meaning of ArtCardsUnited. In finding what unites us, we help each other. We help the world see that love is the answer, not hate and violence.

On the side I am still creating. I created digital works for AngelasArtArea™ for awhile but have been working on ArtCardsUnited at the moment. I’m starting it back with what is called Monday Memories! It’s based on badges that I made to feature ArtCardsUnited members. Every artist that posted would automatically be entered in a contest. The best work would win a badge. I called it the card of the day! I didn’t charge at that time, but I also put alot of work into it. ArtCardsUnited also has to pay for a website, and all of the things needed to keep up ArtCardsUnited. That being so, please supports visual arts by donating today to keep ArtCardsUnited alive.

To donate go to:

The second Mondays Memories featured the very talented Michael F. Brown!


I intend on doing this for the winner of the theme of the month. I just cannot do this on my own every day, and keep up with AngelasArtArea™. That being so I’m looking for volunteers to help with ArtCardsUnited & AngelasArtArea™. If interested in volunteering please contact: or

This is a collage that I made showing the making of the

Halloween card that I created for the Halloween event!




Have a wonderful Halloween everyone!










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