Diane Clancy's Art
Diane Clancy
Angela is fabulous!!  She is a wonderful organizer with a passion for justice and creativity.  Angela has a vision for justice for all.  She has been crucial in making Art Cards visible to the public - with peace between ATC and ACEO artists - becoming ArtsCardsUnited.  Angela is very active with the arts in general.  Angela is a tireless advocate for people with disabilities - both visible and hidden.  The world is a much better place with Angela working for all of us!!
Ting Blessington
Freelance Artist
"Angela creates her art straight from the heart. Her beautiful images are used to promote awareness to all who view them. Her art is also an effort to help many causes in her community. She does all this out a selfless desire to create a better life for all. She is an artist who cares."
John Sokoloff
Composer/Musician at Little Kroshka Publishing
"Angela is an assiduous and conscientious artist whose outgoing demeanor lends itself to positive results."
Brenda Thour
Wildlife and Landscape Artist
"Angela is a very talented and passionate artist, and I am honored to know her."
Cheri Hester
Acting Coach
"Angela has always given her all in every show she has performed in. Despite certain obstacles that life has put in her way, she always strives to rise above them. And she always has a big, bright smile on her face!"
Miriam Hodesh
Founder New Moon of Savannah
"Angela was a great asset to the Savannah Market Bazaar! She gave of her time and energy by helping New Moon of Savannah to market the Bazaar, make vendor and artist connections, improve our social media campaigns and photo document (and take video's) at the Markets. In addition, Angela is a gifted artist, and was a dedicated vendor who made it to just about every monthly market over the course of the last 2 years. Both vendors and shoppers fell in love with her upbeat personality, friendship and artwork! I wish Angela all the best in her professional art world. Her passion and dedication to the arts and nonprofit community are inspiring."
Dean Jason Sylvia
"The only thing more impressive than Angela's artwork is her ability to connect with others. Selfless with a strong sense of integrity, she understands the client and handles herself with an intuitive drive rarely seen these days. "
Kate Robertson
Creativity Coach at Safe Harbor Creativity Coaching
"Angela is a creative soul who uses her art to express herself and further causes that are dear to her heart. I have luckily been on the receiving end of her generosity and artistic endeavors. She willingly gives her time and talent."
Kelly Letros
Owner Designer at Green Apple Vintage
"Angela was a great asset to ACEO Magazine. She always hit deadlines, offered the utmost creativity and was excellent at sourcing new editorial content."
Liz Revit
President E.A. Revit, Inc.
"I had the pleasure of working with Angela while she served as the editor of ACEO Magazine. Angela understood the look and the feel of the magazine and worked in achieving the overall objective of the magazine. Angela was easy to work with, and I hope to work with her again in the future."
Lynda Lehmann
Owner, Lynda Lehmann Painting and Photography
"Although I have not met Angela outside the context of internet art communities, she is an irrepressible spirit whose positive outlook and enthusiasm shine. She is an active supporter of her artist colleagues and passionately involved in supporting the causes she believes in. I experience her to be tenacious and conscientious in everything she does, and her giving spirit and decency come across to anyone who has interactions with her. She moves on in spite of her daily challenges and I'm certain that she would be an asset to any company or organization she works with."
Margot Potter
On-Air Host/Lifestyle Expert/Writer/Creative Director
"I met Angela through the internet and although we've never met in person I consider her a friend and a colleague. She is a spirited and talented young women with an incredible tenacity and generosity of spirit. Her artwork is a reflection of her sunny personality and she never fails to make me smile. Angela is one" of the most upbeat and positive people I know and I'm endlessly impressed with the strength she shows on a daily basis in the face of her physical challenges. She is not only a creative being, but a creative inspiration to everyone whom she meets."
"Angela, is an activist, an artist and a woman of high regard. She is so talented and compassionate for others art, it is such a gift to know her. She is a kind and gracious woman, besides the talent that she overflows with. I would recommend her for any position because of her position of being so compassionate and willing to assist in any task. She is the genuine article and if you do business with her you will be doing yourself a great service. Blessings to you for reading this and blessings for you to consider her for her talent." Namaste, Miguel
Robert A. Sloan
"I worked with Angela on ACEO Magazine many times. She solicited articles from me, edited them, encouraged me and it was so easy to work with her. I enjoyed the experience immensely and would do it again. She's a great editor."
Violette Clark
Artist, author, creative catalyst, designer, mentor
"I have known Angela for several years now and she has been an absolute delight to know. She has not let her disability hold her back from fully engaging in life in fact she has used it to her advantage by expressing herself artistically (about how she is feeling and coping) and has shared this with numerous others. Her kind and positive support has benefited many. It's an honour to call myself a friend and associate!"

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