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MeAngela Taylor began working in the arts at 15 yrs old volunteering in community theatre.

She took voice lessons from Savannah, GA. actor/ voice professional Les Taylor. 

 The artists that she worked with and met inspire her even today. Due to her health, she turned to visual arts in 2004.

She had her first show “TurnOfMind” with artist Mary Atkins in Savannah, GA.

Painting became very therapeutic for her. Painting, and giving it away, helped her to learn to let go. Helping others gives her so much satisfaction, that it helps her in return.

Over the years she has donated art to the United Way, Tybee Arts Association, Interfaith Hospitality Network, The American Legion Auxiliary, The Savannah Children’s Theatre, American Diabetes Association, Hospice, Young Survival Coalition and many more!

She became a contributing writer and editor for ACEO Magazine on July 1st of 2007.

She had her first solo show held at the Jewish Educational Alliance in on Feb 4-29th of 2008.

Seeing how little this inspired others, she turned back to donating and created “Touch and See” (a feel for the arts) in 2010. This was the birth of AngelasArtArea! She also owned ACEO Magazine by this time and decided to give others the opportunity to feel the reward found from giving.

Having been bothered by the feud between ATC artists and ACEO artists, Angela created Art Cards United March 2014. Giving each artist the opportunity to choose for themselves if they trade or sell and how much they sell for. While also giving them the chance to donate to help others as she does.

AngelasArtArea is Angela’s first love. Music and creating are what drives her to go on. Helping her to create awareness, pay medical bills and show the world that anything is possible. Don’t give up, live while you’re here to live.

When her health is in need of a break, she has ArtCardsUnited to work on. ArtCardsUnited is Angela’s second love, giving others the opportunity to create awareness and help as she does with AngelasArtArea. 

 You can learn more about Angela at: www.angelasartarea.com